Amateur Honinbo

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The Amateur Honinbo is a major tournament for Japanese amateurs. The winner typically plays the professional Honinbo in an exhibition match played with a variable handicap or komi.

Several of the winners listed below were taken from the page on the ProAmHoninboMatch, and they may be off by a year.


Note that the games in 2020 have been cancelled due to COVID-19.

2016 Ozeki Minoru (3-time winner at the All Japan Students Go Oza Championship)
2015 Shibano Ryunosuke
2013 & 2014 Hong Seok-ui
2012 Hiraoka Satoshi 平岡聡
2011 Nakazono Seizo 中園清三
2010 Tsuneishi Takashi
2009 Hiraoka Satoshi 平岡聡
2008 Hong Mal Eun Saem 홍맑은샘 洪清泉
2007 瀧澤雄太
2006 村上深
2005 Hiraoka Satoshi 平岡聡
2004 Tanaka Nobuyuki or Tanaka Nobuhori ? 田中伸拓
2003 Harada Minoru 原田実
2002 Samejima Ichiro 鮫島一郎
2001 Komori? 小森祥嗣
2000 Iwai Ryuichi 岩井竜一
1999 Miura Hiroshi 三浦浩
1998 Tanaka Masato 田中正人
1997 Harada Minoru
1996 Muraoka?, 村岡利彦
1995 Nakazono Seizo 中園清三
1994 Takano Hideki, 高野英樹
1993 Hirata Hironori, 平田博則
1992 Nakazono Seizo 中園清三
1991 Tanaka Masato, 田中正人
1990 Nakazono Seizo 中園清三
1989 Harada Minoru, 原田実
1988 Hirata Hironori
...1986 Hirata Hironori
...1984 Kikuchi Yasuro
1983 Kikuchi Yasuro
1982 Kikuchi Yasuro
...1973 Kikuchi Yasuro
...1972 Kikuchi Yasuro
...1969 Kikuchi Yasuro
1968 Harada Minoru
...1966 Kikuchi Yasuro
1965 Kikuchi Yasuro
1964 Harada Minoru
1963 Harada Minoru
1962 Kikuchi Yasuro
1961 Harada Minoru
...1959 Kikuchi Yasuro
1958 Kikuchi Yasuro
1957 Kikuchi Yasuro
...1948 Toshiro Kageyama

The Japanese Wikipedia has a complete list of winners through 2014.

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