4-4 point 3-3 invasion joseki, hane inside cut/Otake Hideo vs. Sato Masaharu

A tricky play?  

B1 in the above diagram has aroused a lot of discussion, being also dubbed as tricky. Fact is, it has been played by top pros on more than one occasion.
I have a reference in an old Go World: n. 19, June 1980, where this move is discussed to some extent, as it was played by Otake (then Meijin) against Sato Masaharu (then 7 dan), in the quarter-final of the third stage of the 4th Kisei.

But first two considerations have to be made: one, this move can be played only when the ladder is favourable for Black, otherwise White can crush him with the sort-of-easy-to-understand sequence below, where W11 is played at a:

No ladder breaker? Ouch...  

Second, if White takes the bait as in the diagram below, we can say that she has been effectively tricked, as not only she is shut in, but also a and b are sente for Black.


What to do, then? Let's see what Otake and Sato did

The game was played on November 8th, 1979: the Yomiuri commentator was no less than Fujisawa Shuko, then at the peak of his Kisei reign, while the reporter was the veteran go writer Mihori Masa?. Otake (Black) played the inside cut black+circle at move 17:

Otake vs. Sato  

Sato replied with the correct move: the hane at W1. Otake then gave atari at B2 but he regretted that, saying that he should have simply connected at B6. Shuko agreed and gave the continuation below, saying also that Black a and White b would probably follow later on:

Shuko's correct sequence  

Another possibility is the diagram below, where a is a likely continuation for White:

Another possibility  

Shuko considered the result of the game satisfactory for White: Black's stone at the bottom has been weakened so that Black had to play B10 in the game diagram to reinforce it, giving White sente.

Despite this local poor exchange, Otake went on and forced White to resign at move 115...

The funny thing about this game is that the Yomiuri reporter, Mihori, was startled when Otake played B17 (black+circle in the game diagram), a move that after all is not seen frequently in pro games, because he remembered a conversation he had with Karigane Junichi about Iwasaki Kenzo, the third head of the Hoensha.
Karigane: "Iwasaki was a sinful person: he taught me the inside cut as a counter to the 3-3 invasion. I tried it against Iwasa Kei, but when he answered with a hane (W1 in the game diagram), things didn't go well for me..."
Otake replied that he played the inside cut to keep Mihori entertained...

Author: AvatarDJFlux

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