CGoban 3

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CGoban 3
Author: William Shubert
License: proprietary
Price: 15$ (Android),...
...else none (sept.'12)
Category: client, editor
Operating system: Java, Android
Reads format(s): sgf
Writes format(s): sgf
Languages: English, bg, ca, cz,...
... de, dk, gr, es, eu, fi, fr, hu, it,...
... he, jp, ko, lt, lv, pl, pt, ro, ru,...
... se, sk, sr, tr, uk, vi, zh, zh-tw
Stable Version: 3.5.10 (3-'12)...
...(3.5.11 = Android, 4-'12) ()
Development status: inactive
Programming language: Java
Homepage: [ext]
Size of installer: 800kby (Android)/...
...1kby (Java)
Size if installed: 1.5mby (Java)
System needs: Android 1.5+/...
...Java 1.4+
Infos last checked:

CGoban 3 is the client software for the KGS Go Server (KGS), as well as an SGF editor. It is written and maintained by William Shubert.

CGoban 3 is written for version 3 of the KGS server code, which is a total rewrite in Java of the old KGS version 2 server C code. Therefore, main changes are server side. However, there are also a few changes in the client side.

The CGoban 3 software can be downloaded and started from the [ext] download page or see offline installation instructions. A [ext] changelog is available.
If you need workarounds and solutions for difficulties with the new client, look on the page Cgoban problems and solutions.

Table of contents

The Automatch

New in 3.3.9, here is the [ext] the automatch explanation

The create game window

  • It has a Nigiri button : click on it to switch between nigiri/white/black
  • There is a chat area to talk to the owner of the game.
  • There is a real Rengo mode, started from usual setup window, with time system
  • Better Simultaneous Go setup: teacher can set the number of opponents, no extra confirm window
  • When one creates a game, he can now view and join the other open games.
  • The time system is now displayed in the info pop-up when one hovers over an open game
  • Challengers (players who join an open game) are no longer able to change as many parameters. They must ask (via chat) for the owner to change them instead.

Buddy, censor, fan lists

  • There is a new "fan" list. You'll get a notice in the "fan games" tab (check it under rooms menu) when a user in that list plays (if he creates or plays a game).
  • Now saved server side, you'll keep your friends when you switch to another computer.

To find or share some ideas on how to recover the old buddylist, see CGoban3 BuddyList .

Review game

There is a new option available from the "tools" menu in a demo or teaching game: "set players". The owner fills two usernames, and they'll be able to play the upcoming moves.

KGS Plus members

  • The server now remembers a user's old membership periods. KGS Plus members have access to games and lectures from the members' old membership periods.
  • An icon for KGS Plus members


  • Two new icons... see the picture


Possibility to have several room owners.


The CR mark is gone...


Clones are handled by the server. A clone is a copy of an active or demonstration game.


The rating system is fixed. The KGS2 ratings were too wide, the KGS3 one has a better scaling. This means beginners will have a stronger rating and high dans a weaker one.

Don't worry about your rank, all the players of the server are affected. So when you play with people around your new rank you'll still play with users of similar strength.

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