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Hikarunix is a discontinued live [ext] Linux CD dedicated to learning, playing and studying Go.

Homepage: [ext] http://www.assembla.com/space/Hikarunix [1] (project page, not much action to be seen) (now a dead link)
ISO Images: [ext] http://www.bresler.org/Go/Software/hikarunix-0.4.iso or [ext] http://wadhome.org/linux/hikarunix/hikarunix-0.4.iso or [ext] http://pocketgo.online/index.php/downloads/download/7-studying/160-hikarunix-0-4
here I found the ISOs 0.1-0.4: [ext] ftp://ftp.win.tue.nl/pub/home/aeb/go/ (vers. 0.4 is around 200mby)

Hikarunix was meant for both, beginners and advanced players. The CD image can fit on a 3 inch mini CD, so it's very portable and an easy handout. When you boot your machine with the CD in, it will boot Hikarunix only in your computer's memory and only borrows the peripherals like the keyboard and mouse. Hikarunix doesn't touch the hard drive at all. Shut the machine down, pop the CD out, reboot and you'll find yourself back with the same old OS that you started with. No installation or partitioning is necessary.

Another popular way to run Hikarunix is with [ext] VMware , [ext] VirtualBox or other virtualization applications. These applications run under the OS your are already using, be it Window, Mac or Linux, and allow you to "boot" another OS in a window. There is no need to reboot your computer and you can use it along side whatever OS configuration you are already comfortable with. Older machine may see a sluggish performance but newer systems do just fine running something like Hikarunix.

The name of the CD was inspired by the anime and manga series Hikaru no Go.

[1] Formerly the project homepage was http://www.hikarunix.org. However the domain name registration expired and the domain is now used by domain squatters.

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From 2004 to late 2021, there was a Wikipedia article. Here are the archived [ext] snapshots. Some of the information was moved to the [ext] Damn Small Linux article.

hikarunix 0.4 : 21 September 2005

* Kogo's Joseki Dictionary updated to 27 March 2005
* Local snapshot of Sensei's Library updated to 3 January 2005
* Firefox updated to 1.0.6 with support for   Chinese/Japanese/Korean fonts
* GNUGo updated to 3.7.4
* Jacoto 1.2.15 added as primary SGF manager
* Quarry updated to 0.1.14
* CGoban updated to 2.6.12 (not yet compatible with the new server)
* sgf2misc updated to 2.9.2
* simple GUIs for easier access to sgf2misc, sgfmerger, and sgfsplit
* GoGrinder updated to 1.11
* Jago updated to 4.6
* PANDA-glGo updated to 1.3.1
* qGo updated to 1.0.2
* K3's UGF/SGF/NGF Conversion tool added
* Now over 9300 Go Problems (3400+ than 0.3)
* Now over 8500 Game records (2600+ than 0.3)
* Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean locales  and fonts (experimental)

hikarunix 0.3 : 17 January 2005

* [ext] Firefox upgraded to 1.0 (w/[ext] Java and Flash plugins)
* qGo upgraded to 1.0.0-r2
* ngo upgraded to 0.1.15
* GNU Go upgraded to 3.7.1
* CGoban upgraded to 2.6.8
* Sensei's Library Snapshot size decreased by 2/3rds (much lower memory footprint)
* [ext] Quarry 0.1.10 added
* Wine removed
* Desktop and menu access directly to Kogo's Joseki Dictionary
* Desktop and menu access to start a local GNU Go game instantly
* Based on [ext] DSL 0.9.1 with all of its new features
* Menu options to upgrade CGoban, Jago, and gGo directly over the Internet with Java Webstart

hikarunix 0.2 : 20 November 2004

* qGo 2.2 added
* ngo ncurses IGS client added
* glGo added
* Full Sensei's Library Snapshot
* GoGrinder with 5500 problems that actually work
* GNU Go upgraded to 3.5.10
* firefox upgraded to 1.0PR (w/ Java and Flash plugins)
* wine added for compatibility with some Windows Go software
* ndiswrapper for NIC chipsets not supported under Linux (Like the Dell Broadcom Wireless)
* 100% read/write to NTFS via the captive driver
* kernel upgraded to 2.4.26
* Based off of DSL 0.8.2 with all of it's new features (Like "install to USB")
* Many DSL apps returned (like Sylphweed, a mail client and Ted, an RTF editor)

hikarunix 0.1 : 17 September 2004

* initial release

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