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I'm Mike Malveaux, hilltopgo on IGS, KGS, and L19. (I was wegobad and TakeNGive for some years, but those screen-names are retired.) My age is nearing 50, and I've been playing Go about twenty-five years, on and off. I live in Tacoma (near Seattle), where I get to play pretty often (yay!). My [ext] AGA rating is -4.

I'm much less active here than I used to be, but I take initial blame for: Where would you play?; Organizing a Tournament/Discussion; Go at the Olympics; Making Go More Popular; and some of Teaching methods, particularly First Capture.

I maintained an archive of the AGA EJournal for a time; and I did a few reviews for the [ext] GTL, and added a bit to [ext] Go Problems. I have some Go-themed t-shirts for sale through [ext] CafePress. If anyone wants to print them locally, contact me and I'll send you high-res PNGs.

I helped with the 2005 U.S. Go Congress (mostly the [ext] logo) in Tacoma Washington. I attended the [ext] 2006 U.S. Go Congress in North Carolina (placed 2nd in the 6k band), and the [ext] 2007 U.S. Go Congress in Pennsylvania (where I didn't play many games, but got to record for several strong players, including Feng Yun). I attended the [ext] 2008 U.S. Go Congress in Oregon, but only for a couple days. I attended the [ext] 2011 U.S. Go Congress in Santa Barbara, CA, where I helped with the U.S. Open -- quite the learning experience, that was!

I wish I'd investigated SenseisLibrary sooner -- it seems to have more aji than [ext] RGG. Thanks for everything, Morten, Arno, and all the dedicated deshi!

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