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I'm Mike Malveaux, hilltopgo on IGS, KGS, and L19. (I was wegobad and TakeNGive for some years, but those screen-names are retired.) My age is nearing 50, and I've been playing Go about twenty-five years, on and off. I live in Tacoma (near Seattle), where I get to play pretty often (yay!). My [ext] AGA rating is -4.

I'm much less active here than I used to be, but I take initial blame for: Where would you play?; Organizing a Tournament/Discussion; Go at the Olympics; Making Go More Popular; and some of Teaching methods, particularly First Capture.

I maintained an archive of the AGA EJournal for a time; and I did a few reviews for the [ext] GTL, and added a bit to [ext] Go Problems. I have some Go-themed t-shirts for sale through [ext] CafePress. If anyone wants to print them locally, contact me and I'll send you high-res PNGs.

I helped with the 2005 U.S. Go Congress (mostly the [ext] logo) in Tacoma Washington. I attended the [ext] 2006 U.S. Go Congress in North Carolina (placed 2nd in the 6k band), and the [ext] 2007 U.S. Go Congress in Pennsylvania (where I didn't play many games, but got to record for several strong players, including Feng Yun). I attended the [ext] 2008 U.S. Go Congress in Oregon, but only for a couple days. I attended the [ext] 2011 U.S. Go Congress in Santa Barbara, CA, where I helped with the U.S. Open -- quite the learning experience, that was!

I wish I'd investigated SenseisLibrary sooner -- it seems to have more aji than [ext] RGG. Thanks for everything, Morten, Arno, and all the dedicated deshi!

bugcat: Since this is one of the oldest articles on SL, some commentary is necessary on the state of the links on the page in 2021.

I've left the links as they are in the body, for now.

1. The AGA rating URL has already been changed in 2015, from the old ( to the new ( format.

2. The GTL ceased activity in 2016, but "the archive will remain online for the forseeable future". The link to Mike's game reviews, though, has changed from [ext]'malveaux' to the simpler [ext]

4. is still active. The link [ext] to Mike's contributions, however, appears to have been lost to time. The content might still be accessible on the site, but I can't find it. It was last [ext] archived in 2007.

5. It's not clear that a link to the CafePress T-shirt shop was ever given, only one to the CafePress site. There may have been one in an older version of the page.

6. The logo of the 2005 US Congress can no longer be viewed at [ext] A currently working link is [ext]

7. The current official location of US Congress content is [ext] It only has information on Congresses from 2011 on, though.

8. An older address, [ext], is [ext] archived from 2007 and 2009.

9. A link is given to 2006 US Congress content at [ext] This address now redirects to [ext]

10. There's no record of a "" in the Internet Archive, which I checked out of curiosity. It probably never existed. The link given is to the aforementioned

11. [ext] is [ext] archived from 2007 to 2009. Later, it was used for a time for presumably unrelated Japanese content.

12. The 2011 US Congress is linked to This is fine, but there is a more exact link [ext]

13. RGG is given the link [ext] The site seems to have possibly disappeared a couple of years ago. This page is an FAQ list. You can view it in the [ext] archive (last snapshotted in 2003), but the RGG FAQ has its own Sensei's pages so there isn't really any point.

Mmlvx: Thank you, bugcat for your sensitive handling of my broken links. (I am still Mike Malveaux, but I am using 'mmlvx' as a screen name now. I got to thinking that, though a combination of "weiqi", and "igo" or "go", and "baduk", would appropriately acknowledge the main Asian names for our game, "We go bad(ly)" is not really the label I want to aspire to. So, I am using my name, but without vowels.) And I see that you have been doing good work here as a Librarian, so thank you too for that. It is now 2022-04-13, and I find myself motivated to take an interest again in SL; and I am grateful that this page, which evokes in me some pleasant nostalgia, is still here. (In the next week or so, I plan to refresh this page.)

bugcat: You're welcome, and thank you. Welcome back to SL. Feel free to delete all my chatter about links.

Mmlvx last edited by bugcat on April 14, 2022 - 15:53
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