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KGS 6d

Hello ,my name is Wang Hua Dong ,i live in North China.i give Weiqi lessons to the level 25k-3d.

Every nationality welcome to my lesson if you speak English.

Coal Miner

TheCaptain [4d]: c'mon coalminer.....time to set off the methane
bloke [11k]: why coalminer?
TheCaptain [4d]: albraham works in a coalmine in china
D239500800 [15k]: is that for real, or some weird inside joke, captain?
TheCaptain [4d]: no..thats for real...probably one of the most dangerous jobs in the world
D239500800 [15k]: oh yeah
TheCaptain [4d]: about five thousand plus die every year in chinese coalmines
D239500800 [15k]: black lung
D239500800 [15k]: other stuff like that
TheCaptain [4d]: black lung is a long term thing...the short term is the explosions and caveins
D239500800 [15k]: danger of cave-in and being crushed or trapped
TheCaptain [4d]: its all underground bloke...narrow seam mining
bloke [11k]: yeah that is the real deal
TheCaptain [4d]: wow...look at albraham make life in blacks moyo
TheCaptain [4d]: guy knows how to pretzel around in tight spaces

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