Lure The Tiger Out Of The Mountain

  Difficulty: Advanced   Keywords: Strategy

Part of Secret Art of War

Use unfavourable conditions to trap the enemy.

In this stratagem the tiger stands for your opponent and the mountain stands for his bastion, his strong points. This means not only his strong groups on the board, but his strong areas of skill, i.e. being good at fighting or being good at playing with a moyo game.

This stratagem suggests that you play in a way, so that your opponent cannot apply his strong skills. E.g. if your opponent is good at playing a moyo game, force him to make territory early. If your opponent is a territorial player, play in a way so that he ends up with playing a center oriented game. If your opponent likes to get into fights, play defensively so that he has no targets to attack.

Talking about board situations instead of skills: don't let your opponent extend her territory/moyo step by step until he has a comfortable lead. Instead, limit his potential areas and expand your own (see also: Your Opponents Good Move Is Your Good Move). Sooner or later your opponent has to leave safe ground and make a risky invasion or some reduction. This gives you a target to attack and exploit.

--ArnoHollosi, 1d

Feel free to add examples from games here (or anything else for that matter).

Recently a stronger player giving me a high handicap in a teaching game pointed out that white can try to lure black out into the center where defenses are thinner. Perhaps this is an apt analogy for this type of play as well? If I'm off base, feel free to just delete this comment. -TJ 14 kyu

Bill: Was he talking about enticing Black to make floating stones?

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