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The idea of this page is to post a series of whole board positions requiring one to make a positional judgement (in particular “Who is ahead?”) so that people can hone their skills at positional judgement.

Hopefully similar to Big Question Marks page

Posters should feel free to add positional judgement problems. Advanced posters feel free to refactor.

Table of contents

Index to problems

  • PJQ 1: A long wall with gaps
  • PJQ 2: Central territory vs top
  • PJQ 3: Handling weak groups
  • PJQ 4: Big moyo vs four corners
  • PJQ 5: Should tapir resign after his failed invasion?
  • PJQ 6: KGS game at move 43
  • PJQ 7: Move 30 – weak stones, cutting points, walls...
  • PJQ 8: Territory and a small group vs. outside influence (?) with cutting points
  • PJQ 9: KGS game at move 50 (1d vs 1k) - solid territory vs. center prospects in a rather symmetrical position
  • PJQ 10: tapir vs. betterlife (real life tournament game)

How to post questions

Criteria for posting a question on this page:

  • You should post a whole board. Positional questions are whole board problems.
  • You should post the prisoner counts.
  • You should post whose move it is.
  • You should post the komi used in the game.

All of these things are absolutely necessary to come to some kind of positional judgement.

How to post answers

The answer to each question should include all of the following:

  • A numerical judgement based on the following scale:
    • 10 — Black ahead, White needs to play all sorts of hamete (or better resign)
    • 7 — Black ahead. White needs to work hard and hope for a mistake on Black’s part. (A big group dying wouldn’t hurt.)
    • 5 — Black ahead enough that he should play conservative moves, but not enough to play passive moves.
    • 0 — Dead even
    • -5, -7, -10 — as above, but when White is ahead
  • Each player’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • A plan for each player.

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