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Both player KGS 3k, Komi 6,5, Final result B+24,5  

Black to move - who is ahead right now? By how much points? Where to play next? (While the final result was pretty clear, in the opening I was far from sure who is ahead here.)

Black: 2 corners, potential in the upper right corner, can attack lone white stone later.

White: Need to comeback to lower left. Potential only in the upper left with a weak black stone and along the upper edge. Floating black group attackable? How?

My guess: B ahead by one move.

Andy Pierce: If black settles black+circle quickly, then he has an easy game so I would attach at a. Accordingly, I think white+circle was a mistake and that white should have chased black to the center with b instead.

The bottom left  

unkx80: Ignoring the upper left, it seems to me that Black has a severe attack with B1 and B3. B1 prevents the White connection at a and threatens a cut at W2, and B3 threatens the weakness around b. Actually I think B3 may be played at c as well. Either way, Black can look forward to building a framework extending from black+circle.

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