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I discovered the game of Go a few years ago through a friend who was fascinated by the game of Go.
We bought a second hand goban, played a few games, but neither of us had any clue on how to play it.
We placed stone after stone until no empty space remained.
Came across Igowin, learned the rules with Learn to Play Go and became addicted to the game of Go.
Some amazing people at the Brussels Go club [ext] Le Pantin [1] showed me the complexity and subtlety of the game.
I live in Barcelona, Spain and I'm a casual visitor of the La Pedra Go club.
I'm worried about toothpaste tubes, squeezing worms and frightening monkeys.
Currently, around 9 kyu on the KGS Go Server.

[1] Le Pantin no longer has a website; snapshots of the old linked site from 2005 to 2017 can be viewed [ext] here. Club discussion has moved to Discord ([ext] https://discord.gg/Ur37hrM) and the club's KGS and OGS groups. See [ext] https://www.gofed.be/clubs for more info.


I love to travel.


I like Nakayama's advice:

  • There are three steps to get better:
  1. Buy a book.
  2. Read it!
  3. Practice!
  • More advice from Nakayama:

Replay professional games.
Eventually you will start playing better moves because your fingers will know where to play.
Not your mind, your fingers.

Source: American Go E-Journal

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