List of Templates

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This is a list of templates on Sensei's Library.

Templates to tag pages for content improvement

Needs Attention Template
Add this to a page when you think it needs attention. Pages will show up on the Please Review Me list.
Needs WME Template
Add this to pages that could benefit from a Wiki Master Edit. Page will show up on the To Be Master Edited list
Stub Template
Add this when a page contains little or no information. Populates the list of stub pages
Example Needed Template
Add this to a page when you think it needs an example.
Merge Template
Pages that should perhaps be merged
Split Template
Long pages that should perhaps be split
Remove Template
Tags pages that are considered for deletion.
Orphan Template
Tags a page as being a Wiki Orphan - may lead to it being removed.
Update Template
Tag outdated pages.
Abandoned Template
Pages described abandoned projects, games, etc..

Templates for easy addition of standard content

Book Template
Create a box with some standard information about a book.
Books / DBRef Template
A way to add standardized identifiers of games from books, so you can find them in databases.
CJK Box Template
Allows you to easily add a Chinese/Japanese/Korean translations box to terminology pages
Flag Template
Insert a small flag into the text (related: Flag Alt Template)
Language Template
Indicate that a page is in a language other than English.
Picture Template
include pictures from the web, allows for aligning, types and captions.
Problem Template
A quick way to add links to attempts and solution, plus an explanation of usage
Software Template
Create a box with some standard information about a software.

Templates for categorizing articles

Keyword template
Adding keywords when the standard keywords don't suffice
Unsolved Template
For unsolved problems.

Templates for on your homepage

Away Template
If you are away from Sensei's Library for a longer period, and want to let other editors know

Special templates

Special Templates / Search
Search for pages containing certain templates, parameters or parameter values.
Special Templates / Table
For easy addition of tables into the page.
Special Templates / Anchor
For easy addition of HTML anchors into the page.

Other templates

Article of the Week Template
To define the article of the week (contrary to normal templates, not to be used inside pages)
Right template
Workaround template for use with picture template
Left template
Workaround template for use with picture template
As of template

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