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If you think a page should be deleted, and it's not already listed at Wiki Orphans, please give details below.

Pages flagged for deletion by use of Remove Template:

Note: if you want to delete your own home page, see the instructions at Deleting Pages. If you want to change a page name, see Page name change requests.

hnishy: Please delete: alias Arate, which is a misread of 新手 ; and kenkyukai, which is a general term, not specific to Go (the definition is wrong).

tapir: Arate was only an alias. Kenkyukai is hopefully correct by now. After a dozen years on this page and as an easy to make mistake for ppl without knowledge of Japanese (I believe it is used untranslated in English subbed HnG versions) keeping a low profile explanation seems warranted to me.

tapir: I would like to delete the whole Artof9x9Go series. When this is done please don't ignore the numerous subpages (and the forum).

The following pages have no content, maybe they should be deleted:

Not sure about:

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