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If you think a page should be deleted, and it's not already listed at Wiki Orphans, please give details below.

Pages flagged for deletion by use of Remove Template:

Note: if you want to delete your own home page, see the instructions at Deleting Pages. If you want to change a page name, see Page name change requests.

tapir: Since there are number of remove requests on homepage/subpages, right now. I agree that the listed pages can be readily removed. And probably no one would notice or miss them without this discussion. However, there are thousands of similar pages: "I am Sai92, and I am 14 years old." Last edited 10 years ago. I would prefer a more general solution. As in: Please let us remove at least homepages that 1) have not seen edits in 10+ years AND 2) are not by people, who did any/significant editing on SL. For completionists all is preserved in previous snapshots.

The following pages have no content, maybe they should be deleted:

Not sure about:

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