Large avalanche

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Chinese: 大雪崩 (da4 xue3 beng1)
Japanese: 大ナダレ (oonadare)
Korean: -

Large Avalanche  

Moves W4 and W6 begin the avalanche joseki, and when Black continues with B7 and B9 we get the large avalanche.

To avoid these complications, White can play either a or tenuki with W8, or Black can play either a or b with B9. See: large avalanche simple variations.

Large avalanche - jump in Large avalanche - turn inward Large avalanche - turn outward Large avalanche - cut
Large Avalanche  

In the large avalanche, W1, B2, and W3 are all forced. Next, Black can choose among a, b and c. Here a is the oldest variation, b is newer, and c is most modern, having been introduced by Go Seigen in a 1957 game against Takagawa Kaku. As of 2021, the turn inward at c is the most popular variation while the turn outward at b largely disappeared from 2002-2014ーwhere after it received a slight reinterest from Chinese professionalsーand the cut at d received development from 2005-2007.

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