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nachtrabe: Out of curiosity, since this isn't exactly a hill to die on, why isn't this page the alias, and ShindoHikaru the main page, given that virtually every other page involving an Asian name is given family name first?

The reasoning given on the front page doesn't seem to have any relationship to why it is done one way and not the other. It seems that either the pages should be switched or the disclaimer should be removed from this page.

Velobici: The following was added to my home page by the person that made the change:

viciousman - The reason why Hikaru's name is in Western order is because the U.S. versions of Hikaru no Go (by VIZ Media) use the Western order. The U.S. versions of Hikaru no Go are the only English-language versions so far. The French, Germans, and other Europeans use Western order too (except the French use "Sai Fujiwara" instead of "Fujiwara no Sai"! - The U.S. version uses "Fujiwara-no-Sai" and renders historical figures (Murasaki Shikibu) in the Japanese order)

He is new to Sensei's Library as indicated on his home page. This change appears to be one of his first edits.

If regarding The reasoning given on the front page refers to the section entitled On Naming, it may not be a very good explanation.

Personally, it seems to me that it is a disservice to newcomers to have Hikaru Shindo as the content page because it reinforces their expectation that names will appear in the wrong order (given, family). That said on September 10, 2005 created a number of pages for Hikaru no Go characters -- all in the wrong order, the order consistent with the manga.

But as you say this isn't exactly a hill to die on and I didnt want to start a newcomer off with dont do that!

Perhaps a gentle conversation with viciousman is in order. Would you like to take on that task?

Viciousman: Perhaps there can be a page on this Wiki devoted to name ordering. I'm aware that real-life Go players are best known in the Go community by the last name and then given name, so I am leaving them alone. However, Hikaru no Go is a special case due to the U.S. publishing company's choices in naming conventions. One more thing: in the English-language version of HnG, Chinese and Korean names (e.g. Lee Rinshin) use Asian order. This reflects general English-language usage (e.g. everyone says "Junichiro Koizumi" but nobody says "Zedong Mao" or "Nobunaga Oda"). As for the created part, I actually moved existing pages (usually at just the first or last name, e.g. "Akira") and added content to them. Also, regarding Umezawa's name, it is seen in Western (Japanese leading to link) as her name is seen in the Western order in the HnG books in the U.S., yet she is an actual Go player. Therefore, her article stays where it is.

uxs: I prefer the asian-style naming. Mostly a personal preference because I read the scanlated manga, "Hikaru Shindo" just looks weird. Also, consistency: if real-life asian go players are lastname-firstname, I don't see why fictional ones should be firstname-lastname, no matter what some company does.

viciousman: That is because the manga characters are known by a different group of people than the real life Go people. In Anglophone countries many casual comic book fans read Hikaru no Go for the story and many anime and manga fans in general read HnG, also for the story. HnG introduces THEM to Go and the Go community. Some American anime fans prefer Western order while some prefer Japanese order. But in Anglophone Go communities, it is almost always Japanese order.

Hikaru Shindo/ Discussion last edited by ViciousMan on September 30, 2005 - 18:50
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