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A little about me to satiate your undying curiosity ;-)

I'm a 21-year-old student at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and I learned go in October of 2002. I was introduced to a strong Korean amateur (my best guess around 9-dan AGA) and was taken under his wing about two months later. I quickly progressed thereafter.

Now, I am 3-dan as "Velirun" on KGS. I used to teach a lot, in fact to anyone and everyone who asked nicely... but I need to concentrate on my own go for a bit. So until after 2004 Go Congress, I will not be playing anyone under my level. I may on occasion answer questions for those who ask nicely though.

See my ramblings about my go experiences at VelirunsGoBlog.

News: My bookstore has been overhauled, and pricing/shipping structures redone. Please take a look, you might just like what you see! [ext]!

kritz Your store looks good - Are there Korean versions of some of the more famous Japanese tesuji dictionary type books? Can you post some sample pages? I am a bit concerned about the Korean Language issue.

Velirun: Hi Kritz - this is on my list of "things to do" for the store. Thanks for the suggestion! As for Korean versions of Japanese books - I am sure they're all available, but the only ones I know for sure are from Japanese editions are the life and death collections. I'll have to check on that further.

Also, I finally got around to it - I made a really basic how-to to get a foreigner account on Tygem. It is contained on the site listed above. When I get a little more time, I'll put up some instructions about the client.


Velirun: I have decided to take on WuQingYuan (on KGS, not the real go master!) as my student. I have high hopes for him - with a little nudging now and then, I'm sure he can make 1-dan in a matter of a few months.


kritz get those Korean Problem books yet?

(any word yet?)

nachtrabe: I received my copy of Volume III from just a few weeks ago.

kritz Tell us more! - 150 problems or more? do they match the problems at gobase?

nachtrabe: See Korean Problem Academy, someone has posted the details there ^.^

QWerner Hello, I am searching for e teacher since a few months.My be you have time to teach me. I found you on the KGS Mentoring Scheme page I learnd go 6 months ago and try to have some progress on my one. But its hard to learn without an teacher. Currently I am 17k since one and a half month. I woud be nice to hear from you :

Malweth: Baduk-books is down for maintainence! Is it just today and coming back soon? What's the status of my order? (Korean Problem Academy set for Rhode Island Go Club). Thanks!

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