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December 2010 Note: I Don't play regularly anymore, and this page is out of date. Some of this information isn't accurate anymore. ~cliftut


Hello! I'm a beginner go player living in Texas in the U.S. I've been playing go for about a year and a half and I'm improving nicely(or I was until I stopped playing during school -_-;). I play on KGS as cliftut and sometimes on IGS. I'm friendly and I'll play a game with anyone as long as they are not rude or vulgar. My love for Go is constantly growing as I discover more about the game and learn to play. Teaching games are appreciated (I'm about 22k?), and I will gladly teach a beginner the basic rules.

I own a nice humble little go board which sadly doesn't get much use. This pains me, since I got it to play on, but my family members aren't hooked on go like me. T_T

I heard about go over 2 years ago from a friend. I took a look at it but the description and rules given on Yahoo confused me. Due to school and other happenings, the game was quickly forgotten. My friend moved away at the end of that schoolyear. About halfway through the next year, he visited the school and let me borrow the first two volumes of Hikaru no Go, and the rest (as they say... ^_~) is history. I liked the manga, so I checked the game out online again. After looking at about three web pages about the game, I was very curious. Within a week, I was hooked...

As I type this, I am a 22k on KGS. I play in the Beginner's Room, English Room, KGS Teaching Ladder, LGD (Lance's Go Dojo), and the Ranking Room. I'm open for teaching, and in turn I will teach new players the basics if they want.

My equipment

I own a spruce go board, 1/4 inch thick, and some glass stones with plastic bowls, which I ordered from Samarkand.

My only other equipment is my own mind, some willpower, my optimistic nature, and in general a bit of craziness, although it might not show immediately. >_>

Journal (for lack of a better name)

Here I will try to keep an up-to-date record of my Go life; growth, troubles, happenings, and generally any Go-related talk I want to get out there. I may move this to a sub-page if it gets too large.

June 01, 07; I feel very guilty, because I have not played go since at least last fall, when school was started. I've still got the spirit about me, it just might have atrophied slightly from lack of use during the school year. ^_^; My goal is to at least catch up to hikarujr. He has taken off ahead of me while I was busy with school (Yeah, I know, lame excuse), and I was hoping I could reach 1 dan alongside him. The time has come to test my drive. I'm not just wishing; you wish for things you can't obtain. I can do this. I will achieve... BANKAI!!!!!!!!.... or... eh.... make that 1 dan for now. ^_^

Friends, Respected People, You Know... ^_^

My favorite teacher so far is shygost.

On KGS, I've had the pleasure of meeting hikarujr. He yearns to be a pro, but his dan or near-dan friends said he would have to be a genius since many pros start playing at age six(he's 14), and if they don't, they practice up to eight hours each day to become strong enough. So, he has set out to prove them wrong... He about 5k (KGS). His goal is to reach 1 dan by august of this year, and I want to see him do it! Please support him so that he can become an 'unlikely' pro...

Hikaru was a beginner when I first typed this, but now he has almost reached his goal! He has started his own study group and everything, which I hope to join soon. He even beat a 1 dan who said he wouldn't be able to do it... a perfect example of drive in its purest form. (and Hikaru, if you read this I hope you don't mind me bragging on you. ^_-)

My Go Oddities and peculiarities (place for general goofy/different/interesting Go stuff)

19x19 diameter geometrically circular board. ^_^  

Here's the best circle board I think is possible to make while retaining basic 19*19 dimensions. It has a 19 point diamiter. Made this for kicks, and because I wanted to find out exactly how the board diagram system works in this place.

My Sensei's Library Page List

Here I'll list any Sensei's Library pages that I find interesting, amusing, useful, etc. I'll try to keep it organized...


  • shygost; a very good teacher whom I greatly respect.
  • Hikarujr; One of my Go friends that I met on KGS. His drive to become a pro has inpired me.
  • nachtrabe; I don't know him personally, but his page (last time I was there) has a very good guide for teaching new go players.



Go theory or other things I find interesting can go here


Naturally, Go humor will go here. Don't use this stuff as real go advice. ^_-

  • Go Humor; nice page that links to all the humorous pages around here.
  • The Power of the B2 Bomber;an extravagant page about the powerful B2 Bomber shape. I added the section labeled "Extending The B2 Bomber"
    • The Power of the B2 Bomber / Escort; my own creation, linked to the B2 Bomber page, and explaining some "advanced strategy".
    • Squadron; a brother page to the escort page, it shows some examples of escorts and Bombers in formation.

Questions, Comments, Challanges, etc. Go Here. ^_^

RBerenguel: Hi! Welcome to Sensei's, hope you enjoy this site and keep enjoying go. You can find some Texas' Go clubs at GoPlacesInTheUSA. Hope you can start playing in real life soon.

cliftut: Me too... ^_^

unkx80: Welcome to Sensei's Library. However, I am sorry to say that your list is not neccessary and will be deleted, because the page Go places already exists. But I have added your name to the existing list at Texas Go players. Thanks for your understanding.

cliftut I understand. I actually found a good map a day or two after I typed that. I've deleted it since it's not necessary.

Tas: Do you want to try a game on the circular board? I'm around 16k

Tas: Okay... KGS calls me 8k now, the invitation for a game still stands.

cliftut: Yes! Sorry, I haven't peen playing much lately so I haven't checked this place. I would love to try out a game on this board. When I've got some time I'll contact you.

hedgehog: Its Sam, from Sherman High School. Remember me? I would like to play a game against you, when you have time. Im hedgehog on IGS. Leave me a comment on my homepage if you're interested.

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