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Empty triangle  

Black wins the semeai. In a real game, even a strong fighter might miss B1.

Bob Myers: A wonderful tesuji, but not an empty triangle as the term is commonly used, so in that sense this problem is in the wrong place.

White cannot run  
Looks like tesuji  

B1 looks good, but W6 is skilful play, and the best Black can do is to make a ko.

Bamboo joint instead?  

Hans: What about black 1?

ChaoSpectre: What about it? I know this is presumptuous for a DDK to say, but doesn't making the bamboo joint here encourage a seki here? Or something else? Playing B1 here is a very nice move, indeed, but doesn't it give sente to white? I can't exactly play this position out from here, so I may be missing out on some huge detail. Would somebody (Possibly Hans?) play this out after B1?

Mef: As far as I can tell, white will at least be able to get a ko with W2 through W8.

Key point  

Bill: B7 is still the key point. White cannot connect.

Likewise, in the previous diagram, B5 should be at W6.

Ko (2)  

W11 takes ko.

Bill: Does W1 make ko?

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