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I'd like to share some thought with other people.. but KGS info is too short (GameOfLife is my nick), so I put it here.. If you know english well, please correct my mistakes that for sure I made a lot. If you have any comments, please put it at the end, maybe you have your vision of that game..


Imagine an infinite goban. You have some color of the stones. Everybody has some color. You can start wherever you want.. The idea, is to gain as many points as you can. But you don't know how many moves you can make. So you have a choice: to be risky, or to be calm.. Let's say you make a ponnuki shape at the beginning... not so stupid, it can finish in 5th move... But after 77 moves you are starting to think it will never end... so you are making enormous moyo... but remember... you may lack in just one stone to finish territory. No territory - no points

You will meet some other colors for sure. You can fight. You can get their stones and gain more points... but also you may lose some... lost stones are so much pain...

One day somebody may get into your moyo and destroy it completely. You can kill him, or you can start from the beginning, on some other area of the infinity goban.

One day you may meet so similar color, that you will decide to build territory with it. It's great. It's much easier, you can get much more points. But remember that one day you can wake up, look at the board and say "Hey, those are completely diffrent colors, there's no territory there, just fighting"..

But absolutely any time, you can start at some other place of the board. You think that's a loss of so many moves that you made already? But maybe you will decide for this tenuki 100 moves later anyway...

You are afraid that the Game will finish just after next move? Maybe there's no end.. maybe you have an infinite number of moves and information that it will end some day was just given to make it fun... But does it have any sense if it's infinite ?

Does it make any sense if it is not ?


Mef: I think it's an interesting analogy of the game of Go to life. Also I tried to clean it up the English as best I could while still keeping your style and form.

Phelan: This seems to belong in Religion...I like it. :)

Bildstein: I think it's great. I've made a minor reversion (is that a word). Also, I like it with the not-perfect English it has now.


When thinking about an infinite goban, the solution may rely on finding tescilating patterns that are the most secure and the least concentrated in stones.

50% of the board covered  

If you look to this example on the left, you can see that the Black stones here ensure a 100% dominance with the drawback of many stones needed to be played in a small area.

20% of the board covered  

This example to the left conveys a continuous pattern of stones that look like they can connect together easily. Question; how effective do these stones dominate the board? (I don't know)

The main question to think about: When all the moves are used up, do we assume that the stones won't make any other moves? If so... then both the board pattern examples shown so far are useless. An infinite number of moves can erradicate potential false eyes. (and if New Zealand rules settings are applicable, will the self-atari'd stones get taken off the board if there isn't anyone to do so before their own move?)

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