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GridMaster is a graphical user interface for the game of Go available for Android. It contains a full featured SGF reader/editor, a lite version of the 9x9 Olympic Champion Go program Steenvreter, and a Go Text Protocol (GTP) interface to connect any other gtp-compatible engine. It can be used as a tool to play, study Joseki, solve Go problems, make diagrams, annotate games, etc.

If you are new to the game of Go, an introduction as well as some links to more information is included in the help.

Here's a non-exhaustive list of features:

  • Full featured SGF reader/editor
  • Includes a fairly strong artificial opponent (Steenvreter lite, level configurable)
  • Support for ARM and Intel CPUs
  • Ability to add other bots such as GnuGo, Pachi, or perhaps your own GTP engine
  • Tool for reviewing games (easy to rate moves/states, add comments, links, game info, etc.)
  • Quickly opens large SGF files such as Kogo's Joseki Dictionary
  • Supports all rectangular board sizes up to 52x52
  • Tips at start-up (can be turned off)
  • Accurate stone placement even on small screens
  • Ability to correct wrong input by shifting stones
  • Zoom in to show only some part of the board (by pinching)
  • Zoom out to show the game tree
  • Fast navigation through the game tree (button push+slide action)
  • Auto-replay games at configurable rate (long-click forward to start).
  • Collection support (i.e., multiple game trees in one file)
  • Copy-paste games / variations (also between applications as sgf text)
  • Configurable rules (Chinese / Japanese)
  • Configurable timing (Absolute / Canadian / Japanese / Stopwatch)
  • Configurable sound for stone placement (tic, volume/pitch or system beep)
  • Various graphics options (e.g., switch to black&white view, adjust line/button/hoshi size, toggle coordinates, etc.)
  • Indicate last/next move (configurable from settings)
  • Help documentation, including an introduction to Go
  • Optional debug tab shows GTP streams (the communication between GUI and engine), rules issues, and provides option to send gtp commands manually (double-tap to pop up dialog).

Download from [ext]

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