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CommandBot is a robot that accepts commands or suggestions for games that KibitzBot is playing (currently on the KGS-Go-Server).

There will be more content later, see KibitzBot for basic info.

command set:

  • General stuff:


Will answer with some status message (...).


Some help message... (there is none, yet.)

  • Commands for game setup:

register match

Register yourself for playing with KibitzBot. KibitzBot will open a game for you. If there are several people registered, KibitzBot will use some very intelligent algorithm to determine for whom to open the game, and reconsider every 15 seconds or so.

allow match

Allow KibitzBot to challenge you on your open games. (This might or might not be used later).

match <player>

suggest KibitzBot to challenge the player in open games (subject to policy).

disallow match

Prevent KibitzBot to challenge you in your own open games.

clear match

Clear your game setup status. This will lead to KibitzBot not opening games for you anymore, however KibitzBot might challenge you on your open games, if others want it, use 'disallow match' to prevent that (this might change with policy).


Indicate that one is playing on the Kibitz side (valid for appr. 4 minutes).

available <minutes>

Indicate that one will be available for <minutes> time to play on the Kibitz side.

  • Commands for game play:


suggest a move: mind that in GTP the same coordinates are shown as CGoban usually displays, that is 'A'...'T' without 'I' plus '1'...'19' for a 19x19 board.

<numeric position>

Suggest a move with numeric coordinates: like "3 15" or "19,17" ...





Suggesting a move only works if it is KibitzBot to move, one can not yet offer 'resign' at any given point of time. Scoring is done by Gnugo by now, but could also be waited for for the Kibitz to decide. Any move suggestion will lead to KibitzBot assuming that you are "active" for appr. 4 minutes.

  • Commands for Bot-admins:


Force KibitzBot to play "immediately". That might be with two seconds delay.

maxtime <seconds>

Set the maximum time that KibitzBot will wait for incoming move suggestions.

decision-mode majority|weighted|random

Set the decision mode:

  • majority - the move that has been suggested by most players will be chosen ( if several: one of the moves at random).
  • random - a random choice of all suggestions.
  • weighted - not yet implementd (will include rank, if available at the KGS-archive pages).

ban <player>

the player will be ignored by CommandBot.

unban <player>

the player will not be ignored by CommandBot.


Force a restart of KibitzBot. This might be used on opponents disconnection in rare cases. For KibitzBot can not yet distinguish if the game was interrupted it will continue with determining the next opponent.

schedule shutdown <number of games>

This will shut down the bot after a number of games. If the number is omitted it will be either immediately or after the next game.

uptime <minutes>

The Bot will log out after the specified time in minutes. This will not interrupt running games.


Shut down KibitzBot and CommandBot immediately.


  • Not sure about this: After restart KGS might decide to force KibitzBot to play an unfinished game with whomever. In this case KibitzBot might not know the name of the opponent, even worse... assume it to be a different one.

Maintainer: bigfatcat


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