Keywords: Software

Author: Markus Enzenberger
License: GPL-3.0-only
Category: editor, GUI for engines
Operating system: all the important ones for desktop and laptop computers
Reads format(s): sgf, xml (import: text, from clipboard: text, sgf)
Writes format(s): sgf, xml (export: LaTeX, png, text)
Languages: English, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Slovenian
Stable Version: 1.5.4a (November 14, 2023)
Development status: active
Programming language: Java
Homepage: [ext] https://github.com/Remi-Coulom/gogui
Size of installer: 5.19 MB (ZIP file, there is no installer)
System needs: Java 5+ (1.5+)
Connect to engine(s) by GTP: yes
Number of engine presets: >16
Infos last checked:

Policy visualization with analyze commands.

GoGui is a GUI for GTP engines and an SGF file editor. It has features useful to Go program developers.

In 2016, Enzenberger abandoned it, and in 2018, Rémi Coulom put its source code on GitHub where he and others have been maintaining it ever since.


[ext] https://www.kayufu.com/gogui/

Installation and other notes

The INSTALL.html file contains its installation notes.

In order to run GoGui, a [ext] Java Runtime Environment is required. The JAR files are in the lib subdirectory. There are executable shell scripts in the bin subdirectory for users of UNIX (macOS, Solaris, etc.) and UNIX-like (BSD, Linux, etc.) operating systems.

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