Keywords: Software

Author: Markus Enzenberger?, ...?
License: GNU
Price: none
Category: editor, gui for engines
Operating system: Java
Reads format(s): sgf, xml (import: text, from clipboard: text, sgf)
Writes format(s): sgf, xml (export: LaTeX, png, text)
Languages: English, de, fr, ja, sl
Stable Version: 1.4.9 (oct.'13)
Development status: inactive
Programming language: Java
Homepage: [ext] gogui.sourceforge.net
Size of installer: 6mby
System needs: Java 5+ (1.5+)
Connect to engine(s) by GTP: yes
Number of engine presets: >16
Infos last checked:

GoGui (not supported anymore) is a graphical interface to Go-engines (programs without own GUI), which use the Go Text Protocol (GTP). (gnugo, for example). You can configure several engines and settings. Further, GoGui can be used as editor for SGF-Files. "GoGui has special features that are useful for Go program developers." (as to be read on the project page)

  • Note that the original project is no longer being developed and is marked as "status: abandoned" on the download page shown above. You can still download version 1.4.9, dated 2013-10-09 (accessed on 2019-03-30). Meanwhile Remi Coulom has made some updates and published a version 1.5.0 (2018-11-17) at [ext] https://github.com/Remi-Coulom/gogui/releases. This might be preferable. Dave


The archive for download there is 6 mbytes big (includes the source). In the directory lib of the archive are some .jar-files. gogui.jar is the program binary to start (Java binary, platform independent). The folder doc\manual\html\ has the manual as html-files (start index.html).

You need to have Java installed on your machine ([Oracle-Java | [ext] http://java.com/de/download/index.jsp] as example).

Note for Ubuntu Linux users: Just running install.sh as the included instructions recommend won't work in Ubuntu. After uncompressing the files into a location of your choice and going there, issue this command: sudo bash ./install.sh -p /usr/local -j /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun to execute the installation script. If you are using a different Java version, adjust the command accordingly. For more information on how to use MoGo with GoGui on Ubuntu, see [ext] this thread.

The tar.gz file found on Sourceforge is missing a key directory (/lib). Download the zip file instead, as it has all the necessary files.

Problems, Solutions

GoGui doesn't start [solved]
Does Gogui work under windows 7 64 bits ? I tried to open gogui.java with java.exe, javaw.exe, whatever, no result... Thanks.

willemien you are trying to run the sourcecode try gogui.jar (in the lib folder) probably just double clicking does the trick otherwise use

java -jar gogui.jar

If that also doesn't work. Do you have problems with other java? programs (like Cgoban3?

hmm... Cgoban3 works fine... oops... Somehow dumb me was trying to start the file in the bin folder, it was strange that it wouldn't start. Thank you very much for the very quick reply. I can already see that GoGUI will let me play variations of previous games (and answer the "what if ?" questions) which is wonderful. I could even modify the parameters of Fuego to make it stronger than with the basic parameters, which is very promising. I was getting close to par with Fuego (and annoyed I couldn't play variations of my games), but thanks to GoGUI I now have a patient and strong sensei for probably a whole year. Thank you very much! I also like the darker colour, just like my goban...

The menu 'Program' allows to set up some engines. But where do I switch e.g. the language, board colour, stones etc? It automatically switches to system's language on startup (see changelog for vers. 1.4.1: removed).

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