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2014.10.16 - I'm still a casual club player, mostly only against people I know. I am a transgender woman and in May I changed my (real) name to Tarah. In June I went full time. Go, and the great people I play with, helped (and still helps) keep me centered, but too much is going on in my life to even pretend at being a serious player any more.


2013.12.17 - I'm trying to get back into Go. I have a new account on KGS: "Kabit" and I am playing with friends IRL. I have a lot going on in my life right now and hopefully Go can help stabilize it! I don't think I will be nearly as active in Go before I started my MS program (part time, started 2007 and completed 2011).


2008.02.03 - I'm still not active on sensei's, but I've recently done updates to our club information and my personal information. I've also started a KGS Bot named SNEGA in our club room, Southern New England Go Association.

I remain active on GoDiscussions.


2007.03.24 - I haven't been active on sensei's in ages. It's blocked at work (our IT dept is amazingly stupid - NMCI). My free time is extremely limited lately. My #1 (go related) task is tsumego - I do at least 10 a day (and I'm certain it's having a significant effect). With luck I can replace half of my collection with tsumego and tesuji books (tesuji's next - I'm a little weak there I think). #2 task is replaying Go Seigen games. #3 is my club, Southern New England Go Association. Above that, I play online seldom (trying to increase that just a bit).


2005.07.08 - I've definitely gotten a bit stronger :D If only I didn't have a "?" rank - people are so against playing with a "?" I think KGS shouldn't even have them! Display the "?" only to the user with a "?." It's not as though I play only people who are stronger than me ("~")! It seriously adds 10-20 minutes onto each game just waiting for someone to request a game with me.

Velobici: yeah, it didnt use to be this way on KGS regarding '?' people...might be fallout from the big rating changes. play rated games against the rated bots...its a fastest to get rid of that '?'. just keep upping the handicap as needed.

I've also noticed that KGS is much stronger than it was (re:rank), but only 25-50% of the players are very underranked. In the 7-9k range I've been playing people who are very equal to me in strength as well as those who are at least 3 stones weaker. This seriously makes it much harder to get a solid ranking (WMS take note)!

There's lots more at my real blog! This is more for ranking notification and self-pats on the back :D I estimate that I'm somewhere between KGS 4k and KGS 6k, but it's hard to say for sure. I'm possibly an AGA 1-3k now, but it's also hard to say (but perhaps on July 17, when I go to the MGA Handicap Tourney).

2005.04.22 - Major KGS problems on my computer... It seems that, whenever I open a board (edit a game, create an SGF, start playing, or observe a game) my computer automatically reboots. Fun. The actual observance is that sometimes the board has lots of lines through it as if KGS isn't liking my graphics card.

2005.04.08 - My blog has been changed (including the address above). was giving me problems (it no longer wanted to FTP into my site) so I found a PHP scripted blog that I'm now using.

I've already developed a sensei's style imaging plug-in for this and, although it's not complete yet, it works well. The only major problem is that you can't view the diagrams using firefox. I assume a style in the theme I'm using is interfering with my tables. I haven't had a chance to look into it yet.

Check it out (in Internet Explorer). Let me know if any other web browsers have problems!

2005.02.15 - I'm planning on starting a serial where I comment my game of the day (or two) and post it online in a readable format - either here (blog) or using a separate system. The idea is to get me to play at least one game a day and thoroughly comment it (and not in a stupid way, since it will be rather public). This may require a bit of setup, but it should be fairly possible!

The only thing I have to wait for before I start this is my computer!! Currently I'm using my iMac at home (and my work PC at work, but I can't really do this there ;). I like the iMac (it's OS X - which is BSD *nix), but it doesn't run SmartGo (which is great for publishing).

These files will be either in HTML or PDF (or possibly sensei's format as subpages) - not sure what will be easiest for me... Look for it to start within the next few weeks.

2005.02.02 - I haven't had nearly as much time to play in a LONG time! I used to be able to play from work at lunch time, but a new firewall changed that! IGS and KGS ports are both blocked, so I'm limited to playing on LittleGolem and Dragon Go Server! The slow paced games were good for the in-between times at work, but they can't compare to a full game at lunch! The biggest problem was changing my lesson time to mid-day Sundays, which really isn't the best time of day for me.

I'm also quite busy lately at home - we have a kid on the way - so I haven't had much time to play at all. I am studying lots of tsumego, however (this is now comprising the bulk of my study) and I've just ordered Get Strong at L+D and Tesuji. The best part of my tsumego study is GoAlbum for the PPC.

I'm also trying to help as much as possible with UGS. I figure I should help where I can - especially since I could really use a telnet based (off port 23) or port 80 html wrapped client.

2004.11.10 - The KGS readjustment brought me back to 8k and I can't seem to move from there (perhaps I need to play more rated games). I definitely think I've grown stronger, supported by the fact that I've won all of my recent games and most by a very large margin (no Manbang yet except by resignation). I'm guessing 5-6k in the current KGS rankings, but it can be hard to tell (won by about 50 versus a 5k with 3hc, though).

2004.09.03 - And now I'm 7k! I think I reached 8k about 5 times... (only the first time is shown above). I hope I don't slide back and forward again, but I suppose it all depends on my playing! My personal SGF database shows me winning about 75% lately - which is too high! Hopefully that means I'll speed through 7k.

My games last night did seem different somehow. I played an 8k Free - he said he was drunk, but I did play very well. The real difference between my good games and my poor games is the amount of calm I have. If I'm a bit hyper-active in my play, I tend to make quick, thoughtless moves, using up maybe half of my time. If I spend a bit of time actually reading through a situation, I'm much more likely to come out of it ahead!

2004.05.24 - Another KGS Rank promotion! I'm an 8k now... and very SDK :D. I didn't play very many ranked games this month (in fact, just two in May)! Hopefully I'll be in the 5-6k range by August when I leave for Taiwan. I assume that's a respectable goal for someone who's played only about a year.

2004.04.22 - I just earned my KGS rank promotion to 9k! That makes me an SDK now! It's been a while, I think primarily because of my low number of ranked games this month (and the fact that sometimes I just end up playing like an 11k).

2004.03.08 - No... not still 11k - I Level Upped today at lunch in a 3 HC game vs Minipousse? (14k). I'm going to add a rank history section.

2004.03.03 - (Yes, still 11k). I'm heading to Taiwan in late summer. Added the Taiwan page to hopefully get some help on go resources over there.

2004.02.24 - Still 11k ;) - I've been studying more than playing lately... on my list are Tesuji the book and [ext] My focus on Tesuji is because I really don't know any (aside from the newbie ones like cranes nest) and because I need a lot of help in my reading skills!

2004.02.09 - I'm an 11k now. Certainly can change a lot in about 6 months. My only issue is... why am I not shodan yet?! ;) I've been taking lessons with Ion Florescu for a few months now, but I haven't really changed from the 10-12 kyu region in about a month. I've heard of these plateaus (Kageyama's Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go), but hopefully this first one will be easy to push through for me! I will give this bit of advice - telling yourself the plateau is not there doesn't work ;)

Velirun: Man, have I been there! I got stuck at 5 kyu for the longest time... but then suddenly broke through to dan-level. One day, I just said I was going to be shodan, and proceeded to drill life and death like mad... a month later, I was 1 kyu. Moral of the story - stick with it, study life and death, and all will be well!

Malweth: Thanks :) I'm drilling problems, and having a teacher certainly helps keep me on track. Check out [ext] my go blog for my thoughts on the psychology of go (as of 2-10-2004).

2003-10-15 I'm a fairly new Go player... though my experience dates back to the mid 90s.

In high school there was a Go game on some of the computers (due to World History, I believe). I played this game until I always beat it, but quit Go at that point because there was nobody else to play with. I hadn't been connected to the internet yet, and I forgot about it in College.

In Summer 2003 I discovered it again (how? Just a whim from those past memories) and found IGS, KGS, and the like. Now I'm very hooked and spend most of my free time with it -- just wish I had more free time!

I'm currently about 17k on KGS. I haven't played many internet games because it takes a lot of time away from my wife of 3 weeks. I'm hoping for a palm pilot IGS/KGS client so I can play over my wireless LAN (and yet still make her feel wanted ;)!

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