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Chinese: 发展 fā zhǎn
Japanese: 発展 (hatten), 展開 (tenkai)
Korean: -


Development is a general term, applied to moves or stones or groups of stones. Stones can develop on a large scale, in which case we can talk about expansion?, or on a smaller scale, in which case we can talk about movement. Next to spatial development, there is also the change over time.

Small scale development

On a small scale, we talk about the way stones move, or walk. It emphasizes the dynamic nature of the act of playing a stone.

Large scale development

On a large scale, we talk about the way a certain position (a stone, a group, ...) can expand. This large scale notion of expansion is probably also covered by the Korean term haengma.

Change over time

A position and its quality can also change over time without any active spatial development related to it. This aspect of development is also under discussion at haengma/discussion.


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