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Hello everyone! I am a go player living in Texas. I was introduced to the game in my senior year of high school by my best friend in high school, cliftut.

I remember as a neophyte that I was intimidated by the openness of even the 9x9 board, often reading for a couple minutes, then playing into atari. Fourtunatley, I was able to pick it up quickly, thanks to a very capable and paiteint teacher. Sadly, after my graduation I have never seen him or spoken to him.

Afterward, I had no internet conection at home and no one in my family was even interested in the game, so I had no one to play against but Gnu Go and Igowin. I really hope the bad habits I may have picked up go away quickly.

I have set up an account on IGS, and will play anyone as long as the are pleasant. If you prefer, I will play on kgs. Im speedhog there

Questions and comments are welcome. I will check my page as often as I can.

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