The Enterprise

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ThaddeusOlczyk:An even more lethal group than the powerful B2 Bomber is The Enterprise.


Not only is it lethal, but if you cannot generate it in its standard mode, you can also created it in its "Saucer Separation" mode where it is actually two separate groups.

Alex Weldon: Yeah, but this group is obviously only for theoretical consideration, kind of like the perfect double wing formation (high shimari + third and fifth line stones at the midpoint of both adjacent sides). Too many moves are required to complete this shape, so you'll never actually get there, whereas the B2 Bomber, you might. This shape is mostly useful for analysing the relative value of a dumpling fuseki vs. repeated tenuki by the opponent.

ThaddeusOlczyk: That's why you have the "Saucer Separation" mode. First you build the saucer, then when you opponent is dealing with it, you build the main body. Also this shape will become more popular when 21x21 and 23x23 games start to become more common.

cliftut: Actually, the disk can be constructed by utilizing the already stunning power of the B2Bomber in one of several ways. Observe;

See how such futuristic marvels can be constructed from existing technology? On the bottom; two B2Bombers being collided to construct a single disk.(This can only be properly done by utilising StoneMovingTesuji? such as the SleeveOfGod and can only be properly accomplished by someone of at least a strength of 4-5P without being discovered)  

chrise Where are the Borg? Now that is a super tesuji!

We are Gostonus of Borg.  

chrise looks like the Enterprise and it's crew have been assimilated...


When You made that diagram, it reminded me of this one...

I wonder what properties a miesner's sponge has with go?

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