Celebrity Go Players

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A list of people who became famous or well-known for achievements or activities outside Go, but who maintain a current interest in Go or have played Go.

People whose achievements are in the field of Go are listed at Names in Go.

Please add famous - current or ancient - Go playing actors, artists, authors, company founders, journalists, heroes, managers, mediciners, musicians, Nobel prize winners, philosophers, politicians, Pullitzer prize winners, popes, scientists, software developers, sport stars, V.I.P.s, war lords, etc. See also [ext] http://www.britgo.org/general/celeb/.

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I got several of the East Asian famous persons from [ext] http://www.msoworld.com/mindzine/news/orient/go/special/records/famous.html . Does Shibukawa Shunkai apply? He does not fall under the title, having been a pro, but he does apply under the heading, being famous for something else than playing Go. - Andre Engels

tderz: ... wrote "removed Mattern, not famous for non-Go accomplishments". If this is true, does it also hold for Max Rebattu (bridge , table tennis etc.)? Would you remove him as well, or are here (unconscious) selective criteria at play? If Max is very famous for bridge (World Champion), then this should be reported here. Reading the name of Max gave me the incentive to enter Jürgen in the first place ...

Dieter: Yes, I assume Max' presence here is due to his fame as a bridge player. I agree with you that we're at the edge here. If Max is only known for Go accomplishments then I agree he should be mentioned at names in Go only. Btw, when checking and modifying recent changes, I do not always completely revise a page.

[1] In Noir and Blanc, Issue 12 Maitre Lim writes that Perec had never played a game of Go, a barb directed at his lack of human emotion and interaction; the implication being that if we cannot play a game together then we cannot play a game.

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