Alan Turing

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Alan Turing was a rather clever sort, who did a lot of work in mathematics, logic, computer science, and code breaking. He also played Go and wrote down a set of rules for the game. Alan Turing's exact formulation, in his own handwriting, can be viewed at [ext] the Turing Archive where it is under copyright AND THUS NOT REPRODUCED HERE. They are written on a King's College's notepaper, which should date them as being written at some time between 1931 and 1934.

Essentially, the rules describe No Pass Go, which has been also known as nimgo. Rule 5 appears to be better deleted, since it is a subset of the second phrasing of Rule 7. Rule 6 deals with ko. It can probably be viewed as malformed, since it does not take account of snapback, and thus has something of a Tibetan feel.

Alan Turing played with I.J.Good, who authored an article on the game which was published in New Scientist.

See [ext] wikipedia entry.

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