Employers with Go Clubs

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A list of employers with Go clubs or communities. (With date of last update.)



  • USA
    • Seattle: Boeing. (2002-12)
    • Redmond, WA: Microsoft (msgo DL). (2002-12)
  • Venezuela
    • Caracas
      • Ministerio del Poder Popular de Petróleo y Minería (Ministry of Oil and Mining) (Weiqi Club). Open to the public every Thursday afternoon. (2013-02)
      • Shell Venezuela (Oil company, office at Venezuela). (Weiqi community). (2013-01)
      • PDVSA Gas Comunal (Natural Gas Delivery System of the People). (Weiqi community). (2013-01)
      • Escuela Venezolana de Planificación (Venezuelan Institute of Planning). Studying Weiqi as planning tool. (Weiqi community). (2013-01)


  • Thailand
    • 7-Eleven. (2002-12)
  • Japan
    • Too many to list. Some, such as Daiichi Kangyo Ginko (a bank), hire pros to attend meetings and teach members. (2004-07)


  • Northern Ireland
    • Belfast
      • Allstate Technology Northern Ireland. (2009-01)
  • France
    • Toulouse
      • Astrium. (2002-12)
      • EADS (Aerospatiale). (2002-12)
  • The Netherlands
    • Rijswijk (The Hague)
      • EPO (European Patent Office) [ext] 'Go for Go', renamed early 2003 to Go4Go-club. Site not accessible from outside of firewall. Tderz's page gives some club details: 30 members of which 12 are quite active. World corporate games of 2005 are envisaged! Interested to participate? Then, plan it in your company! 2005: We have got fewer members and active players. Ratio was 21/8 around 2005. We seem to drop to 15/6 in 2005. Reason mostly given is higher work demand, which was also the reason for me to show up less frequently. Have to do some marketing again - the previous increase to 30 members was only achieved with one flyer and mouth-to-mouth propaganda. Hence an article for our in-house Gazette is due with some links to senseis, The Economist etc. April 2006: activity is down very much, 2-5 regulars, I presently have very few time for giving lessons or to play at work. (2007-01)

Appeal to every contributor on this page:

[ext] World Corporate Games are held regularly. You might notice the present absence of non-physical sports.

Chess is not in (but it was). I was told by a manager of the WCG that one could have a regional test first and that high participation of players (~ 100) is a pre-requirement. Hence there is no outright denial of non-physical sports.

The website states "''Corporate Benefits: Your Team Invest in morale, team spirit and business fitness. Build employee confidence and loyalty''" [ext] World Corporate Games, features

You should have felt the excitement of our management when our Thierry won the bronze medal in sailing last year (BTW that where the Athens Olympics). Most of us won't go to the comparable WAGC WorldAmateurGoChampionship, yet we could do a great job for the promotion of Go. In addition, many companies are willing to give their employees support in time and perhaps even money for participation in those events. Would you say no to that?

Ok, here comes what you have to do for that:

  • promote Go (further) in your company
  • count the members who would like to participate
  • inform me: Email me at [email] removethat.go.tderz@2005.de (removethat) and 2005=xs4all , de=NL.
    (please add Go and WCG into the subject)
  • who could arrange for the large number of Japanese companies?
    There is a list - too huge - from the WCG itself.

I hope that some people in Japan could arrange for that.

  • similar for China (Mainland + Taiwan)
  • I would keep you up to date on the hopefully rising numbers.
  • Once we fulfil some minimum criteria, you could get into touch with your employers (and the WCG). Mine supports, we sent a womens soccer team, dragon boat racing team etc. to some WCG.

Remarks: If it's true that Bill Gates played Go [ext] Celebrities who have played Go, Celebrity Go Players [ext] Interview with Bill than I hope for a large group from Redmond above, similar for Thailands "7-11" (Mr. Korsak Chairasmisak is CEO of 7-11 [ext] Go in Thailand and [ext] Go in Thailand 2). I had the chance to play with him 1993 in Bangkok. Besides being interested in promoting Go, he is extremely friendly, charming and attentive. For example, my wife is of Chinese descent too, so for the evening dinner and the games at the Go club, he was so considerate to have another Chinese (~ 1/3 of Thai population) employee join us. So we could play 4 games while my wife did not feel bored.
World Corporate Games? could become a discussion page.

Any Go players at these International Organisations?:

  • European Patent Office (EPO)
  • European Space Agency (ESA-ESTEC)
  • NATO C3 Agency (NC3A)
  • International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)
  • European Police Office (EUROPOL)
  • The European Union' s Judicial Cooperation Unit (EUROJUST)
  • European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL)
  • International Court of Justice (ICJ)
  • International Criminal Court (ICC)
  • Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)
  • European Commission Joint Research Centre, Institute for Energy, Petten (JRC-IE)

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