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The house of Inoue (井上家) was one of the Four houses. The heads of the Inoue School (1612-1961) were

1st Nakamura Doseki 中村道碩 Meijin 1612-1630
2nd Genkaku 玄覚 7-Dan 1630-1673
3rd Dosa 道砂 7-Dan 1673-1692
4th Dosetsu 道節 Meijin 1692-1719
5th Sakuun 策雲 8-Dan 1719-1734
heir Yuseki 友碩 5-Dan 1720-1726
6th Shunseki 春碩 8-Dan 1734-1772
7th Shuntatsu 春達 7-Dan 1772-1792
8th Intatsu 因達 7-Dan 1792-1805
9th Shunsaku 春策 7-Dan 1805-1810
10th Insa 因砂 6-Dan 1810-1824
11th Genan 幻庵 8-Dan 1824-1846
12th Setsuzan 節山 6-Dan 1846-1850
13th Matsumoto 松本 7-Dan 1850-1891
14th Otsuka 大塚 8-Dan 1891-1904
15th Tabuchi 田淵 5-Dan 1904-1917
16th Egeta 恵下田 7-Dan 1917-1961

Notes: When the school actually closed is uncertain. The date 1961 is used as that is when Egeta died. When playing professionally, the 2nd through the 16th Inoue were known as Inoue Inseki 井上 因碩 (See iemoto system). The use names shown in the table are from their:

  • a) names before becoming the head (2nd to 10th),
  • b) retirement names (11th and 12th), or
  • c) original family names (13th to 16th).

The head is generally referred to as Inoue (use name) Inseki for distinction.

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