4-4 Point 3-3 Invasion, Small Knight, Attach


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The 4-4 Point 3-3 Invasion, Small Knight, Attach is a move that threatens the flying knife joseki. It is normally only played when the invader possesses the ladder.

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Moves are listed by frequency in professional games[1], which is sensitive to whole-board position. Bolded moves are commonly considered joseki.

Small knight  

Overview of Joseki

Aggressive Play: Attachment

White attaches  

After W2, black can try any of a-d. Black a leads to the variations at 44Point33InvasionExtension, whereas b reverts to the "hane-stretch" variations at 44Point33InvasionJoseki.


Black c leads to this variation, in which black loses sente. However, black can sometimes tenuki after W4.

Alternative move order  

In recent professional games, white plays W2 before W4, making it harder to tenuki.

White's hane  

In pre-AI games (2016 and earlier), white would often play hane and connect with W2 before pushing down the side. Black can sometimes tenuki after W8.

Fighting variations


More often, B3 is played as hane, starting a fight. After B7, white will usually cut at a or b, although c is also seen occasionally.

Inside cut

White has the ladder  

This W1 relies on a ladder -- but for parallel fuseki, the ladder will normally be in white's favour. B2 is a key point of this shape. After W5, black can continue at a or b, and a complicated fight will follow.

If black has the ladder  

If white's ladder at a is broken, then white collapses. Instead of cutting at W4, white has to give way by playing W8.

Outside cut

Continuation 2  

Black can continue the fight with any of a through d

Getting Cold Feet: Attach-Pullback


Instead of fighting with W4 at B7, white can try this more peaceful continuation. After W4, Black will try to hem White in in the corner, but White can still decide to fight by playing W6 here instead of W8


This diagram shows one possible continuation.

Chris Hayashida: There looks like there's a problem with the continuation. Black will just extend from B7 and capture three stones. Is Black supposed to play an atari first?


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