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Hello I am Willemien

At the moment (feb 2011) I am about 10 kyu. (still) am a librarian of sensei's

I like 7x7 go. (nice short games) and am interested in the rules of the game (my favourite at the moment Ikeda Area III Rules (see /my proposed rules)

at the moment I am puzzeling about /solving 7x7go

I am active on DragonGoServer life in 19 x19

For contacting me send a PM to me on DGS or L19

Mahasattva Thanks for the feedback on Huang Longshi and other weiqi players, and apologies for not having got back to you earlier. My research is progressing well and I have found good material from the PRC and elsewhere on this. Please feel free to delete this message once you've read it- I left it on your SL page as I had no other means of contacting you. Best regards.

willemien Good luck with your project. And do publish something in sl when you are finished. Also there are articles on the players you were looking for on the Gogod CD but they have copyright and I think they are the same as the ones their page links to.

hi willemien Thanks for your Tips on my Personal Page about Formatting. Gubi2000.

hi will, thank you again for your explanation. i will go through it again to understand completely. i do remember i shot something which i could not restore, but i ll work that out before shooting some more! :-)

To willemien: On the Big P page the words "White" and "Black" are all mixed up.

You are right, in one of my games it came up the other way around repaired it on the corner shapes page as well. (that happens if you play go to often...)

tapir: I generally would not trust joseki databases. A joseki dictionary at least offers commentary, a game database the professional practice. I use MasterGo. DailyJoseki may be a good free offer. (I know you own GoGoD, but I am not convinced about the Kombilo as a search interface. Do you use it?)

I hardly play 19x19 so don't use joseki's :) But i have smartgo, Ps Drago also uses kombilo

/private sandbox rename

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