On the Rules of Go

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On the Rules of Go
By: Ikeda Toshio
Publisher: Fujitsu Limited, March 1992
ISBN10 4-93-8906-00-7
75 pp.

On the Rules of Go, written by Ikeda Toshio and published by Fujitsu in 1992 is based upon a series of articles written by Ikeda and published in the Japanese go magazine Igo Shincho. The book documents the rules and their problems as of circa 1970.

Online versions


David Carlton's [ext] review

Bill: Carlton's review is unfair. This is not a "vanity" book, as the series in Igo Shincho indicates. Ikeda's book is a must read for anyone interested in the rules of Go.

Bob Myers: "Vanity" is not pejorative; it simply means the person paid to have the book published.

Velobici: Would you characterize The Treasure Chest Enigma as a vanity book? I would not, most certainly not. Regardless of Nakayama Noriyuki funding publication and being the primary (sole?) distributor.

Bill: Which Ikeda's family probably did not. (Ikeda was long dead when Fujitsu published it.) And Carlton does mean "vanity" in a disparaging way: "I doubt that any go press would have published this book...."

Dave: The review's point seems to be in reference to the type of personal (non-rule related) material included in the published book. Is it in the on-line version? I did not find it. I particularly like the following from the review: "I suppose that if you care a lot about different possibilities for rule systems, this book is worth reading; otherwise, it isn't." I find this a remarkable comment about a book entitled On the Rules of Go. What else would you expect? :-)

willemien: Is the ISBN correct? (It is the same ISBN as Tournament Go 1992) and 75 pages lookes to me more than the online version

Table of Contents

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Sample Material

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