Loose ladder

  Difficulty: Beginner   Keywords: Tesuji, Tactics

Chinese: 缓气征吃 (huǎnq zhēngchī); 缓征 (huan3 zheng1); 缓征子 (huan3 zheng1 zi3)
Japanese: ユルミシチョウ (yurumi shicho), ダメ空きシチョウ (dameaki shicho)
Korean: 빈축

In a loose ladder the stones to be captured have at most three liberties, and are constantly reduced back to two liberties. (instead of "at most two, being constantly reduced back to one", as in a normal ladder). Naturally, the surrounding groups need at least three liberties each in the process.

For an extreme example, see Hayashi Gembi's Loose Ladder.


Black to play.  

Can Black capture white+circle?

Loose ladder  
Black to play  

White has just cut with white+circle, what can black do?

Loose ladder 2  
Loose ladder 2, cont'd  

B11 is the key move. Note that Black liberty at a is crucial.

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