Double hane example 1

    Keywords: Shape, Tactics
Double hane on the 3rd line  

B3 is a powerful play as it shuts White into the corner. White cannot counter B3:

The counter fails  

If White resists by capturing a stone, Black captures the marked stones and kills the corner as well. As B3 in the diagram above is such a powerful play, White has actually made a mistake before and should have extended to B1 above himself.


If White defends at W1, B2 (or a or b) connects and gains major influence towars centre and side. The idea was not to kill White in the first place. That's just a punishment if white tries to get too fancy. The idea of this maneuver is to seal white into the corner.

Cut and defend  

Of course, White can still play W1 backtrack to W3 here. Now the situation depends on the ladder at a. Black has alternatives at b (if there are friends down the side) and c (a loose ladder follow-up to expand the influence.

Just extend  

The double hane compares to this mere extension. White can continue at a, crawling from behind, or just tenuki. Black will play this if there is trouble in the double hane, especially in the "cut and defend" variation.

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