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余 正麒 Taiwanese player (known as Yu Zhengqi [1] or Yu Chengch’i) born 1995-06-19, pupil of Cho Rosho 6 dan. He was promoted 1 dan of the Taiwan Qiyuan in 2006 and 2 dan 2008-11-23. In 2009-03 he became 1 dan in the Kansai Ki-in, 2 dan in 2011 and 3 dan in 2012-11-14. In 2013-08-29 he entered in the 69th Honinbo League (youngest player at 18, 2 months; previous record: Iyama Yuta at 20, 2 months), beating Han Zenki 8 dan, and was promoted to 7 dan. In 1967 Kato Masao entered in the Honinbo League as 4 dan at 20 and 5 months: this is another record of Yu's.

In 2013 Yu is having impressive results: as of 2013-08-19 his score was 18 wins, 0 losses (19 wins in a row, including the last game of 2012), but then Akiyama Jiro 9 dan beat him in the 39th Tengen's Semi-Final. Runner-up in the 38th Shinjin O. He challenged Iyama Yuta for the 64th Oza, losing 3-0. He challenged Iyama in 2017 for the 55th Judan, but lost 3-1.

Career record in Japan:

  • 2009: 16 games, 9-7
  • 2010: 27 games, 16-11
  • 2011: 24 games, 18-6
  • 2012: 50 games, 36-14 (2nd after Iyama for wins number; his best serie was 8 wins in a row. In the course, he beat Kobayashi Koichi, Kobayashi Satoru, Cho U, Seto Taiki, Ogata Masaki and many other strong players).
  • 2013: 37 games, 30-7 (as of 2013-09-11: 21 games, 20-1).

[1] See [ext] discussion on Life in 19x19.


  • A Taiwanese news segment on Yu being awarded MVP in a Kansai Kiin's ceremony in 2017. [ext] YouTube link
  • Couple videos from Asahi Newspaper after a decisive win to enter Meijin League in November 2020. One is a more general interview and in the other video Yu shows the move he thinks was the move of the game. [ext] YouTube link & [ext] YouTube link



yu zhengqi mlily 2023 (Image credit: 0)
yu zhengqi mlily 2023 (Image credit: Foxwq.com)

yu zhengqi xie ke mlily 2023 (Image credit: 2)
yu zhengqi xie ke mlily 2023 (Image credit: Foxwq.com)

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