Damezumari examples

  Difficulty: Intermediate   Keywords: Go term

Here are some examples of the Japanese term, damezumari, which is typically translated as shortage of liberties.

Example 1

White makes Black damezumari  

This is a position from the famous Blood Vomiting Game. In Jowa, Powerful Fighter(Gohwan Jowa), Takagi Shoichi say that, because of Black's damezumari he does not appear to be able to win the ko.

Example 2

White mistake  

This example comes from Modern Famous Games (Gendai no Meikyoku), vol. 6 (Go Seigen ii), pp. 135 -6.

W1 was a mistake.

White damezumari  

B2 makes white+circle damezumari.

HolIgor: Strange, though the marked stones are short of liberties, my understanding of damezumari is different. Damezumari is usually used to describe the positions in which one of the sides cannot make a useful move because of the decrease of liberties. It is like the story of a donkey and a carrot, close yet you cannot bite of it. In the example above white stones don't have many liberties, so what? I know some perfectly alive and healthy groups with 2 liberties only.

Bill: But this isn't one of them. ;-)

Black makes thickness  

Black presses White and makes thickness in the center.

Driving tesuji  

B5 is a driving tesuji.


A different example  

Black has to exchage B1 for W2 before playing at a to prevent a damezumari.


Black cannot stop at a here because of the damezumari. This is a simple problem, so I'll leave it for people willing to solve.

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