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Nac mac Feegle wha hae!

(If you think I'm talking too much like a drunk pictsie, or you just don't know what a pictsie is, why dont you [ext]

A zen master was once asked, "What is the greatest game ever invented by man?"
He replied, "Chess, of course."
His chela asked, "But, what of Go?"
The master replied, "There was Go before there were men."

Hey, check my folding goban!

I'll gi'e ye sucha tutorin'!

If you're a newbie who thinks that tutoring from a lowly 18k can be good for his go, feel free to leave a message here or at KGS. I live it GMT+2 and play mostly in the evenings.

Mentor: uncoil

I'm currently watching the progress of Somaa, which can hardly be called mentoring, as I we are too close in strength and I refrain from commenting things I don't understand well.

If you play him, be sure to punish him if he does another Doublehane on the first line ;)

  • 06 Oct 2004: Somaa (25k)
  • 21 Oct 2004: Somaa (24k)

Go links for absolute beginners

RobAnybody/Learning RobAnybody/Progress

20 Sep 2004: What I learned today ;)

aburry (5k): you can't keep it all

RobAnybody (23k?): yes, greed and gluttony ... go is a very good moral tutor :)

aburry (5k): you want half the board +1

You can see the game in question here: [ext] Many thanks to aburry who reviewed our game! It featured a couple of invasions, and a discussion on whether a 2 point jump on the third line makes a living shape (I still am not sure of the answer)

11 Oct 2004: Attack vs Defense moves. From a review of a game between Somaa and hurkle. Hurkle says: Contact play is for defense, loose play is for attack I need to read more on that concept.

14 Sep 2005: Fighting invaders. Generally speaking, pushing invaders away from the side and to the center seems wiser.

Things to study:

Go biography

I started studying go at the end of 2003, but spent most of the time reading HikaruNoGo, and then for a long period only found time to solve the occasional couple of Tsumego :(

1 March 2004 The Bulgarian Go Association was founded.
In April 2004, two Japanese pro players came to Bulgaria, yay!

[ext] Abe Yoshiteru Sensei (9d) and [ext] Shigeno Yuki Sensei (2d) stayed a couple of days and played with us, the members of the newly founded BGA.

At the same time the first official tournament was held, I was the last :| In my defense, I have to say that these were my first 19x19 games ever ;)

In September 2004 I started playing go again (RobAnybody on KGS).

23 Sep 2004: 20 kyu (my KGS rating reached my 'real' one)
17 Oct 2004: 19 kyu (I was 19? for a while)
23 Oct 2004: 18 kyu
28 Oct 2004: Just finished my folding goban: /FoldingGoban
29 Oct 2004: Yay! My first session with my mentor uncoil.
11 Nov 2004: 17 kyu, after winning a game I should have lost :( I wouldn't call this 'progress' really.
01 Sep 2005: ?? kyu. After not having played for a long long time, I resume playing on KGS. From a couple of games I played I seem to play around 22k, quite a stone loss :(
14 Sep 2005: 21 kyu, but I feel my strenght is returning, especially after having reread a book on opening.
15 Sep 2005: 19 kyu.
16 Sep 2005: Started playing at Dragon Go Server, it's a good alternative when your time is limited.
11 Oct 2005: 18 kyu.
20 Nov 2005: 16 kyu. Had a ? rating after not playing often at KGS, but I think this is about my 'real' strength now. I decided to start a 'go blog' to keep notes on my progress and mistakes. I plan to comment every game I play (esp. those I lose ;)

Fan Mail

(Sebastian:) Thank you for your precious contributions to GetStrongAtRearrangingTerritories. Did you make the cover design? It looks really professional.

Heh, thanks - but the design is a ripoff of the Kiseido books on go, and the cover image is of course from HikaruNoGo, vol.3, chapter 19, where we see Mitani rearranging some territories :) Now I even realize that the image should have a black border too, but nevermind.

(Sebastian:) I see! I should have known better - the orginal books don't have such great graphics on the cover! :-)

Oh, BTW, does "Rob Anybody" have anything to do with Robbin' Hood? That guy at least didn't rob just anybody :-P

WillerZ Yin, tan, tetra! I suspect it refers to Rob Anybody Feegle, the big man. He steals ships.

Crivens, who 're ye a-callin' "man", ye bigjob?! Ach, I'll gi'e ye sucha kickin'! Aye, we pictsies might go a-stealin' a beastie or two -- we like them moo-beasties best, lotsa meals they got on 'emselfs, an ye catch me meanin', but when we cannae get 'un, a coulpa ships might do wonders tae yer belly, ye ken *snigger*, *snigger*

Wally, wally me, I shouldnae writ me name onna paper lest them looyers come 'n put me inna jail. It comes tae nae good, a-havin' yer name writ on paper ... hey, Sebastian, an ye is 'un o' them looyers, ye wouldnae be a-thinkin' o' puttin' this fine lad here inna jail, are ye?

(Sebastian:) Of course not! Not after he left a nice message on my home page! OTOH, I hope he isn't aspiring to become a preacher, either :-P

Pimenta Can you please send me the "updated" version of SloT you made? E-mail me at Please delete when you've seen this. Thanks.

rosswerner: Hi Rob, I saw your comment over on SLoT, and I was wondering if you'd be willing to try out the new version of SLoT that I've put together? I'm looking for lots of feedback so I can improve the software and make it as easy to use as possible. Thanks in advance!

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