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This page has information about abandoned work(s).

Mostly for personal use, I made a version of the SLSnapshot scraped and converted for viewing on a Pocket PC.


  • The nav section has been moved to the bottom
  • Diagrams have been rebuilt to fit a 240-wide screen
  • Alias pages removed and links swapped
  • Snapshot size reduced to ~10MB (unzipped)

A complete offline copy is no longer available

RueLue: sorry, archive broken ?? ('unexpected end of archive') (archive header is a bit curious: several zeros))

There are many flaws in the conversion but it is still quite usable. I'm planning to take a wiki [ext] database dump (5MB) and make a much better version but won't have time for a while.

Please feel free to do whatever you like with it within the SLCopyright.

I tried downloading the complete version from the above feniello link, but when I try to unzip the file, I get the following message: "error: unexpected central file header signature not found (file #229)". Could anyone tell me what it means and how can I get around it? I'm not a Java programmer and just want to use SL on my HP Ipaq. Please help! Thanks

AshleyF: Sorry, this is no longer maintained. I'd suggest using SenseisLibraryOnTour instead now-a-days...

Thanks AshleyF. I'll have another go at setting SLOT up on my pocket PC, but I'm a bit confused by the instructions. The readme.txt file refers to a "machine", but doesn't specify whether it's my desktop or my PPC. Also, Step 3. of said file says "Run MakePageList by typing: "java MakePageList?".", but doesn't say where I should type it in. Should I type it into DOS on my desktop or do I need to download a java editor? If so where could I get such an editor? Sorry to bother you with these questions. If anyone can help, I'd be very grateful.

HansWiezorke: Nice work. The formatting looks very handheld-friendly. I especially like the idea of having the diagrams put together from small gif's. Very efficient, when storage is an issue. :-)

AshleyF: I've never tried it on a Palm (someone else posted saying, "viewable on most hand-helds"). I've only tested on Pocket PC and SmartPhone. I've also never used JPluckX but I'm guessing that it doesn't like the fact that p.xsl is using the working draft namespace (http://www.w3.org/TR/WD-xsl) rather than http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform. The older Pocket PCs require it.

Here is a version of p.xsl using the proper namespace: [ext] http://www.feniello.com/go/pocketsl/p.xsl

Also, here is a version of the snapshot pre-transformed to HTML and with links swapped to *.htm. It's almost four times the size though! [ext] http://www.feniello.com/go/pocketsl/pockethtmlsnapshot.zip. Still it uses JavaScript to write out the diagrams so I'm not sure it will work on Palm.

Have fun!

HansWiezorke: Since many handhelds do not support JavaScript, I have written SLoT, which produces pretty much the same thing in pure HTML. See Senseis Library On Tour for details. I have also moved the discussion of this subject there.

Maybe we can make this tool into a universal generator, that can generate several different targets: html with images, html with ascii diagrams, PocketSL style xml with JavaScript, ...


  • The diagram numbers and symbols are missing from the .xml-s (e.g. black+circle black+square B1)
    • Not sure what you mean. You can see numbered stones in the screenshot above and markup on stones on the FalseEye and HalfEye pages. If you're trying to use the XMLs as raw data for some other purpose then yes, the diagrams are in a very strange format such as:
<d c="Empty triangle">

'a' is an empty point, 'k' is a black stone, etc. Take a look at the mapping() function in p.xsl to see which image each character corresponds to.

  • AshleyF: Ah, I see. Yeah that's a bug in the scraper.

I'm going to have to say that this project it basically dead. Even I have been using SLoT instead :-) This was mostly just an experiment and is done pretty stupidly by scraping the HTML snapshot. SLoT goes against the wiki database dump - much more consistent/reliable.

The only benefit of PocketSL over SLoT is the size (PocketSL is about 2/3 the size of SLoT's HTML). 10MB instead of 15MB - no biggie. If someone else really wants to take over the project, mail me at gosuite at feniello.com and I'll give you the (C#) source which has been partially redone to use the wiki database dump... I would suggest instead, modify SLoT to produce PocketSL's xml (in addition to HTML for other devices).

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