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According to the 'bottleneck theories' there are usually periods where progress is linear, and places where it gets slower. Here I will try to make notes on which concepts are useful to study to improve during these development periods.

As I have almost no first-hand experience, I would be glad if anyone makes comments :) Otherwise, this will for now be a path-like page until I gather more information on the topic.

(A disheartening quote from Ray Tomes' [ext] Go Barriers: When players break through barriers, they often don't know what it is that they have learnt, and so cannot pass this information on.)

SzKwa as a variant for kids?

50k - 30k: [ext]

This is a great site for the person who knows nothing about go. It feeds the reader with the rules of the game while alowing him to test moves with a java applet. Recommend this site to go newcomers! (50k-30k are of course only fictional rangs used by the author of the site)

30k - 25k: IgoWin

I like IgoWin as a teaching help, because it offers

  • Quick games
  • You learn tactics

Also, recognizing when to Tenuki, at least in the simple situations is a very useful skill.


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