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Before 2011

ChipUni: I have restored two of the three lines of yours that I had edited from Unusual Gobans, even though I feel this reversion weakens both the conversation and your point. I have not restored the old footnote under simple because I have removed the word simple from my part of the discussion.

(Sebastian:) Thanks, I see now that you did it with a good intention. I agree with your handling of the footnote. If you'd like to further discuss, pls prod me either here, on the Unusual Gobans page or by e-mail. Oh, and BTW, belatedly, best wishes for your birthday.

Ongoing Games: Sebastian-NiceyNicey OngoingGame (abandoned 2004)

RobAnybody: a note, delete after reading :) It's about our little ko fight in the 'undo' discussion: I am glad that we understood each other, I feel no hard feelings about it! I didn't want to post this there, because it gets offtopic (while the previous exchange is relevant). Then, this morning I though about it and decided to drop you a note here, so you wouldn't think that I don't answer at the other page because I'm mad at you or something..



Yesterday I had a discussion about my signature with two distinguished deshis. They saw it as an affectation, so I would like to clarify any misunderstandings.

I believe that the text is more important than the authors here. If we had a way to write a small font, or use a lighter color, I would prefer this for my signature. The lightest text seems to be italics, so I used that instead. Incidentally, it also represents handwriting, which fits well for a signature. I added parentheses (which are commonly used to indicate parts of a text that can be skipped) to make it look like stage directions, such as (aside). I was happy when I found that several other people adopted this style, too, and I would be glad if this could become a standard for names throughout SL.

The two deshis yesterday however pointed out that conformity is important at SL, and they felt that it distracts readers. What is your opinion? If a majority feels that way, too, I will henceforth use plain text instead.

Tamsin: IMO, you should be allowed to write your signature any way you jolly well please, so long as it's not too far removed from normal practice. It's a Wiki and that, for my money, should entail a little freedom of expression. It's not as if signing in Italics is hurting anyone, is it? Looks like the SL Thought Police have been at it again.

Bill: Unbelievable, Sebastian! (Unfortunately, I do believe it. <sigh>) Your signature is your business. Anyway, one man's distraction is another's delight. :-)

Don't you dare sign anything differently than I do, you anarchist!



Today I joined AGA and participated in my first rating tournament. I seem to be around 16k.


Yay! I lost my question mark on KGS! I'm now 20k.


If you reach this page from KGSWishlist by clicking on + or - then it just means that I liked or disliked a particular wish. Please do the same so wms gets an impression of how much we desire a feature.


I signed up yesterday for KGS as Bashan, and I love it!


"Anyone who finds a mistake may keep it, there's enough for everybody!"
This was from Benjamin Teuber / Diary in Japan, but he deleted it, and since I like it and I found a mistake in it I'll keep it. :-P



I'm currently developing a recorder/reader for the Pocket PC. Download the beta version for free from [ext] and send me your feedback (via the link on that page) or post it under Miniban.


Hello Go World!

This is a great site! I just discovered it, and I am looking forward to learning from it and giving back by adding to it.

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