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6.2: What is an .sgf/.mgt/.go etc. file?

All these are various file formats used to record a game of Go.

Recently, the Smart Game Format (.sgf files) has become the most used format, and it is also the most frequently used format on the go servers.

Look at faq section 6.1 for information on how to find editors.

If you are interested in writing an SGF editor, or you want to know more about the development of the format and its possibilities, take a look at [ext] the SGF home page.

The sgf format is also often used to post positions to the newsgroup.

Jan VAN DER STEEN has [ext] a tool on his web site which will translate an SGF file to ascii diagrams, .gif files or postscript files..

You can also use your WWW browser to display a game of Go. Have a look at Jan VAN DER STEEN's page on how to [ext] set up your browser.

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