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6.4: Which is the best computer program?

As already explained, computers make weak opponents. Since they cannot learn, they also make boring opponents, as they make the same mistakes over and over again. Of course it can be fun to beat a computer which takes a 9stone handicap, but the methods used to beat it are unlikely to work against human players, and may even give you bad habits.

However, computer programs play each other in various tournaments and can be ranked by their relative strengths.

Here is an excerpt from the [ext] Smart-Games site, edited by David FOTLAND.

It gives an indication of the 'average placement in an international competition', based on recent results in international computer Go tournaments:

Top ten Go playing computer programs (Last updated August 2002):

Author              Program                 Score
ZhiXing? Chen        Handtalk/Goemate        1.9
Michael Reiss       Go4++                   2.1
Ryuichi Kawa        Haruka                  3.2
Lei Xiuyu           Wulu                    3.8
David Fotland       The Many Faces of Go    4.0
Ken Chen            Go Intellect            5.9
Yong-Goo Park       Fun Go                  6.6
Tristan Cazenave    Gogol/Golois            9.5
Oishi Yasuo         Goro                    9.7
Hiroshi Yamashita   Aya                     10.0

However, playing strength might not be the main advantage of a computer program. Other aspects might be more important, such as aesthetics, games database, teaching possibilities etc.

The ideal program for you will therefore depend on what you want to do with it.

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