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3.1: Can I play on the internet?

Not everyone is lucky enough to live close to an active Goclub or has the time to go there as often as he likes. Therefore, it is excellent that there are now alternative places to play on the internet.

On all servers, you can play Go, or discuss Go with other people. On most servers, you can replay games, have your games mailed to you or have games taught to you.

Access to most of the servers is free, and the software which is required is usually shareware, so there is no cost in playing on the servers. (However, if you continue to use a shareware program, you should pay for it.)

Although there may be no fee payable, all servers have rules of use which the user should acquaint himself with and abide by.

The number of players on a server varies from server to server and depends on the time of the day. The largest server can have up to 5600 players logged on and over 200 games played at any particular time. The players' rankings can range from beginners to established and strong amateur players. On some servers, professionals come to play.

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