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8.1: General Webpages

There are several good places to start searching the internet for more information about Go.

When using a search engine, try searching for the words 'Baduk' or 'Weiqi' instead, as they produce better results than a search for 'Go'. (Webmasters are kindly requested to add both 'Baduk' and 'Weiqi' to the keyword list of their pages.)

For all sorts of news from the World of Go, check out:

The [ext] MSO site news section (No longer Updated) ``color(darkred)("Link dead: Page not found")``

Excellent and very comprehensive lists of web Go resources can be found on:

Other places to start out include

As mentioned in FAQ section 4.9, [ext] Sensei's Library also contains all sorts of Go related information.

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