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2.4: Equipment: books, boards, stones etc.

Outside the far east, there are relatively few shops where Go equipment is sold. Large bookshops may carry a beginners book, and large games/toy stores may carry a goban and stones.

Therefore, unless you happen to live close to one of the shops listed below, the easiest way to buy equipment is via mail/web/phone order from those shops.

The following lists, in alphabetical order, the details of those shops which carry a general supply of Go material and which have web sites.

The IBUKI Trading Post
[ext] Web
ISHI Press
Email: IshiPress@aol.com
[ext] Web
Phone: 1-800-859 2086 (USA)


CPO BOX 1140,
Fax +81467575814
[ext] Web


2255 29th Street, Suite 4,
Santa Monica, California 90405
Phone: +18009886463
Fax: 13105787381
Email: info@kiseido.com or sales@kiseido.com
[ext] Web

Samarkand and Good Move Press

PO Box 101
Carte Madera, CA 94976
voice: 1-800-600-4373
fax: 920-458-6903
Email: info@samarkand.net or sales@samarkand.net
[ext] Web

Schaak en Go winkel het paard

Haarlemmerdijk 147
1013 KH Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone: (+31) 20 6241171
Fax: (+31) 20 6270885
Email: paard@xs4all.nl
[ext] Web

Yutopian Enterprises

2255 29th Street, Suite 3
Santa Monica, California 90405
Phone: (310) 5787181
Fax: (310) 5787381
Email: yutopian@netcom.com or yutopian@aol.com
[ext] Web

For all those shops which do not have a web site, [ext] Fred HANSENS site also lists some other shops.

Several shops in Europe which are serviced by Het Paard are listed on [ext] Het Paards website and [ext] Jan VAN DER STEENS site.

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