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5.8: What is all this about shape?

Shape is a concept often mentioned in Go.

Recognising 'good' or 'bad' shape when you see it, and being able to play good shape moves will make a big difference to your game.

Unfortunately, shape is not a subject which is easy to understand, and it is also not something which you can 'prove'. E.g. the fact that a group is dead can be proved by playing it out. However, a good shape is only good because it is good. It may never be able to show how good a shape it is, yet it will still influence the goban around it. So goodness of shape is an intuitive concept, a matter of experience. If a stronger player tells you that some shape is good, believe him. You will get a feeling for what he meant as your Go strength increases.

(If you ever understand 'shape' fully, please let me know! You could make a fortune writing a book on it :)

Some basic explanations on shape.

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