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4.2: Which parts of my game need improving?

A question related to 'How can I improve?' is 'How do I know which are the biggest problems with my game?' The best answer is to find a significantly stronger player (ideally at least 5 grades stronger) and play through one of your games with him watching.

You do not need him to give you detailed comments, you want him to point out the big mistakes that you want to deal with. They often fall into the category of "mistakes you did not know you were making" which is why you need another player to spot them, and you would prefer it to be someone a lot stronger than you.

This way you can be sure that he is confused because you did something stupid and he knows better, rather than you doing something so brilliant that he does not understand it.

If you do not know any friendly stronger players then check out faq section 4.7, or look for a teacher (see faq section 4.1)

Another way of trying to diagnose "mistakes you did not know you were making" is to play through a lot (say 10 or more) professional games trying to predict the next move. See if you can reach some sort of a conclusion on which types of move you are consistently failing to predict. Several Go playing tutor programs can do this. (See faq section 6.1)

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