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4.8: What is the Go Teaching Ladder ?

[ext] The Go Teaching Ladder (or GTL) is a prime resource for anyone who wants to improve their game through having their games reviewed or through looking at other, reviewed games.

Through the GTL you can submit a game for review, review games of other players (if you are registered), or look through the archive of reviewed games.

If you submit a game for review, your game will be forwarded to a player who is roughly 5 stones stronger than you. The reviewer will send a reviewed, commented copy back to you (and your opponent).

In order to use the GTL, you must have a program which can read and edit SGF files. (See faq section 6.2.)

A note on the GTL: The reviewer may spend considerable time reviewing your game, so it is only reasonable that you should also have spent a reasonable time playing it! Submitting 'blitz' games for review, when you could go through the game yourself and find errors, is disrespectful. Most often, if you won the game by a wide margin or lost by a wide margin, you will already know why. It is more useful to submit games which you lost, but don't know why, or won, but only just, etc.

Once you feel that you are confident, then submit your name to the GTL as a reviewer, then you, too, can help players weaker than you!

The archives of the GTL are also a great place to find other commented games, which you can download and look through.

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