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This is the archive of former Articles of the Week. On this page, you will find only the most recently featured articles, older articles are in separate subpages.

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January 2012

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Article of the Week January 9-15, 2012

Ko fight example from a pro game -1

This page shows an example of a ko fight from a top professional game, namely game 1 in the final for the Samsung Cup edition 2011, between Gu Li (Black] and Won Sungjin (White).

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Article of the Week January 16 - 22, 2012

Mirror Go

Mirror Go, also commonly referred to by the Japanese term manego, refers to the practice where one player plays each move at a point that "mirrors" his opponent's previous move.

The theory behind Mirror Go is that a move that mirrors the opponent's move can't be worse off. Players who mirror the moves can abort the mirroring process when they feel their opponent has made a bad move, giving an advantage.


<discontinued for the rest of 2012 and 2013>


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Article of the Month April 2014

Lee Sedol - Gu Li rivalry

China's Gu Li & S. Korea's Yi Se-tol formed the 21st century's first international rivalry, contesting the status of world's strongest.[1] As of April 2014, the two players have officially played each other in 42-games. Gu Li leads by one victory and has won the last four matches. A no result occurred in one match, which was the result of a rare quadruple ko position.


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